HE IS MAN AND BEAST – Barbara Francis

Barbara Francis

April 16, 2019

Daughter speak of my TRUTH. I have spoken, have you been listening ? . My truth has been given to my messengers and prophet’s since your time began. it has been spoken written and heard. ,It has been used for teaching, testing , healing and restoration . It has been used to bring my HOLY SPIRIT to your temple, To your physical temple. I have opened the eyes and ears of my children . You have been given revelation of many mysteries and I have shown you good and evil. I have placed the man of sin, the Anti Christ in your midst. HE IS MAN AND BEAST .His identity revealed to those who have an ear. Judgement has begun. Many will see tribulation , GREAT tribulation before I gather my elect from the four winds . Soon you will dwell with me SPIRITUALLY, No more tears , no more sadness no more suffering. Keep my words in your heart be encouraged for time ends and you will spend eternity with me in peace in my Father’s house. As It was written it will be fulfilled. Do not fear what you are going to see from this point on. These events mark my time, my time is not like man’s time. Do not be anxious It must be. I have called many .I have chosen few. I love you my children. This time ends and another time begins.


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