Have You The Time? – Cody Roberts

Cody Roberts

Monday, September 17, 2018

Have You The Time? – 09/10/2018-

Have you the time to give way to your strife?
To ponder the many things of this life?
Have you the time to grumble and stress?
To think of all the things of this world you obsess?
Do schedules, appointments, and to-do lists dictate your brain?
Does reading, writing, and creating “keep you sane”?
If you have time for shopping, hobbies, grabbing drinks with the team
You must have time for your Elohim.
If you can spend hours contemplating your future and career
Surely, you have a moment to open your heart, and lend an ear.
Cast all your worries and get down on your knees.
Seek, ad find that all things come from me.
Make time to worship and get down on your face.
Yearn for the more and the Secret Place.
Pursue a personal relationship with your God.
Do things that others may find odd.
Worship me violently, with all of your being.
Long to do what I’m doing, and see what I’m seeing.
Desire to spend all your free time in my midst.
Remember the scars in my feet and in my wrists.
I want nothing more than to see you joyful and free.
Have you the time? Then give it to Me.

CR~HS at 6:52 PM

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