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Have You Ever…

June 23, 2018 1:09 PM
Patti Huson


Have you ever felt that you are out in the middle of a vast ocean alone, abandoned, and you are surrounded everywhere by thick dense fog, you cannot hear clearly, you cannot see clearly, you have no compass, you’re not sure of your direction or which way to go now, and yet you hear voices from the outside telling you come come to me listen to me I’m here to rescue you, this is the way to go, I am the prophet that speaks for God now follow me, I am only one there are only few but listen to me, I am the one that speaking in the nation now…..

I’m telling you to stay in the boat, let the peace that passeth all understanding keep your heart and your mind and let it comfort you. Stay away from all the other voices that are coming out you telling you they alone speak for the Shepherd, they hear his voice, they know the way. Woe unto these in sheep’s clothing who are saying come here listen, for here is Christ, here’s the Jesus, he is speaking, come here for he is over here.. for judgment will fall first on to them. Be still and know that the Shepherd, the ONLY voice to follow, who is the voice of TRUTH, will come to you. Soon he will save you from this place, he will bring you back to clarity and his TRUTH, for the deception is heavy and dense and dark and filled with lies…So many voices declaring divination.. For God is for ever faithful even when he is silent…. Many have shared with me that they are in this place, wait on the Lord, be still for he alone is your deliverer. Draw close to him, stay close to him, for the deception, the darkness and the lies are only going to intensify in the days ahead.

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