Harvest Abundant – 278pikelk

Harvest Abundant – 278pikelk

It will be in times of great distress that the winter wheat will call out to Me. It is with great sorrow I allow torment to strike the land, for I must shake your earth to awaken the hearts of My sleeping Remnant. When they awaken, their power will be granted to them – My Armor unremovable, My Presence upon them visible to every eye, and My protection undeniable.

Few are awake, and many still sleep. They are unaware of My calling but their hearts have been circumcised and made ready for a time such as this. They have already entered the open gate and will go forth inviting the last to receive Me. They will bring My truth to a broken world, and transverse the vast expanses of your earth supernaturally.

This great shaking will soften many hardened hearts, and they will finally be open to receiving My truth. For not only is this great shaking allowed to awaken My Remnant warriors, it will be used to prepare the hearts of many to receive the seed of My salvation.

Some seeds will have just been sown, while others in mature crops will be harvested. This is a matter of the heart, My Loves. Some hearts are ripe and ready to be harvested, while others have rejected My seed as the soil of their hearts was ill prepared to receive it. My glory will be cast upon the reapers and every man’s heart that can be will be freshly tilled and fertilized and prepared to receive My seed. It is difficult for your Creator to see and hold firmly to the knowledge that there will be many of His own creation that reject him, but even greater is My joy that many will awaken and receive the seed of My salvation into the fertile soil of their hearts.

Vast lands are empty, freshly fertilized, and ready for My seeds to be sown, and My crops to take root and grow to maturity. You see, My Children, My creation is sorted by readiness of heart, I am the I AM, and I know each man’s heart. Good fertile soil ready to receive the seed of My salvation, a sapling plant that has just broken through the crust of the soil, longing for sun and water, a fledgling plant still moved by the winds, or a mature and ripened crop that is ready to be harvested. All of these will receive salvation, but their journeys home will look nothing alike. I will nurture the saplings and the fledglings as they come into closer relationship with Me. I will harvest some ripened fields, and empower some to do more planting.

My plan going forward breaks My creation down, not into specific groups, but into specific hearts. Some know their standing, but many do not. Some have received their mantles, yet many have not. Rest assured, when your mantle has been established upon you, you will receive perfect and clear understanding and the power in which to carry out My directives.

Be still in Me, and patiently await your callings. More warriors being developed as you wait. More hearts being softened in order to receive My seed. Do not fear, and trust in My ultimate plan for My creation. Do not look to the right or to the left, but keep your focus upon Me. My strategies are without fault and I assure the greatest harvests.

I will sustain you and grow My own, as they cast My light upon the darkness. I will lift My own up and cover them with My wing of perfect peace and protection. Do not doubt My ways, and do not fight against the plans I have for you. Surrendered hearts are hearts that I can use. Do not harden your hearts due to your time spent waiting. Open your hearts and receive all that I have for you. Those prepared to receive their mantles will be receiving them shortly. It is be by My great mercy more time has been allowed to pass. Hold fast to Me now.

Yeshua Ha’mashiach


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