TD Hale

May 19, 2016

In the middle of the night, I received a harsh rebuke from the Lord. I have been guilty of focusing of problems, issues, etc and not speaking God’s heart in all of this. This is just me but you can focus, talk, post what you will but there is a balance and most of you are not balanced. Rebuke me, say what you will but Facebook has become lopsided with division, strife, hate when the Lord clearly last night spoke that we must get back to the purpose of helping each other to stand in Faith in the middle of the misery we see. I’m not talking about being like Joel Osteen or Warren but the Spirit of God told me to shake that off of me and tell others to shake this confusion and get your peace back. What I’m about to say may be harsh but some of you are listening to TOO many Facebook preachers that is keeping you in fear. Every year it’s something. A meteor, or three days of darkness, or who knows what will happen in the Fall. The bottom line, as the CHURCH we are to be reaching people and not live in total fear. GOD IS IN CONTROL. There is a work to do and it is still DAY and when the Night comes, we will lay down our swords. Shake that confusions, shake that fear, shake that depression. I have a Tent to buy and I’m going to do what the LORD has called me to do while I can. Blessings!


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