Hard times are coming…you have been warned – Ali Winters

Ali Winters

Friday, November 16, 2018

The following should give all pause as we examine ourselves in The Light of The Word. As watchmen, prophets, seers…we pray to hear clearly His Word to His people. Tonight was no different. Realizing Holy Spirit had a word to give God’ people I prayed, bound satan in JESUS Name, covered me and mine with The Blood & promised to speak forth without hesitation what He would speak to us.

“What has been spoken has fallen on deaf ears. Millions hear but seldom does it impact their lives. Wars, rumors of wars have become common place. The camp of the evil one flourishes while My church lies buried beneath the rubbish of the world.

Coming…coming soon a great shaking to awaken the slumbering among you. Donald Trump is a man…a man with a mission, a destiny, but still a man. Those who look to him as saviour will be greatly disappointed. America has no future apart from Me. I rule supreme…There is no shadow of turning, I change not. Enough of your games, I grow weary of your games, your pretense, your uncleanness, your perversion. Bitterness, jealousy have no place in the house of God. Turn from your wicked ways that I might bless instead of curse.

Just as I gave SODOM and GOMORRAH opportunity to repent, so too have I given America. And as did SODOM and GOMORRAH so too has America. With no regard for My holy ones they continued to live in rebellion and sexual perversion…So too has America. And just as My righteous judgment rained down upon SODOM and Gomorrah so too will My righteous judgment rain down upon America. You have become a den of thieves, robbers of The Truth, the blind now lead the blind.

The great falling away has begun, even now multitudes are turning their back on My Christ and christianity. I AM The Way, The Truth, The Light…I change not.

Hard times are coming…you have been warned.”

ali at 6:55 PM

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