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Halloween Dream – Julie Reiter


Halloween Dream

July 4, 2020 7:34 AM
Julie Reiter

Dream- September 2019 (I don’t recall the exact date and can’t find it in my notes)

I had a dream I was in a home staying with a family. They were somewhat wealthy and the family consisted of 2 parents and 6 or 7 kids. The parents were going on a vacation with their younger children, and myself and the older children would be staying at the house. Their older children were ages 18-22. I then went into my guest room which was off the kitchen, and I noticed I had a wound in my side that had been bandaged from some previous injury.

As I stood in the room I began to have a vision. In the vision (in the dream) I saw a poster and there were black outlines of men. I understood they were violent men: rapists, murderers, burglars etc.. The poster was an advertisement in advance, for these men to go out and create chaos in the streets. On the bottom of the poster it said: October 31st, 8 Weeks. I understood it was to start October 31st and last for 8 weeks. I also understood in the dream they didn’t mean for me to see the poster.

Then, I was standing outside in the evening, talking with neighbors. The sun was setting but it was still light out. In horror, we realized we had lost track of time while talking. There was a curfew and I knew that if we were in our homes we would be safe, but not if we were outside. The neighbors and I all gasped when we realized the time and just then, we looked down the road and saw a group of men coming around the corner. We all ran as fast as we could. I couldn’t make it back to the house I was staying in, so I ran into an open garage. There was a couch in the garage tipped sideways next to the wall. I crawled into the opening between the couch seats and the wall, and hid there. A man came into the garage and began rifling through everything to find things to steal. In my mind I said over and over: God, make me invisible, make me invisible. The man never found me and I woke up.

When I woke up from the dream I looked at the calendar and realized from October 31st, exactly 8 weeks later is the day after Christmas. I wondered if this was for 2019 (when I had the dream) but I didn’t feel like it was. I didn’t see a year but I feel I should share this now.


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