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Half-hearted relationship

April 11, 2022 1: 21 AM
Brother Moses
He will watch over your life.Psalm 121:7

April 11, 2022

Words from the Lord

My son, I am a God who always takes care of all my children. I knows everything about you. I knows both your inword and outword life. I see everything you do, say and think. I am familier with all your ways. The number of your days days are in my hand and I hold your life. Before you say a word, I already know about it. I determines your next breath. All your secrets thoughts that are hidden from the eyes of men I the Lord knows all of them. Nothing is hidden before my eyes. Nothing passes by without me seeing it.

My spirit fills the whole earth and the whole universe. I see all the evil that are happening in the world. How the world have deeply turned its back from Me and has made path with my enemy. I see all the wickedness that are being done in all the dark places of the earth. I the Lord sees and knows all the heart of my children. Many of my children have lots of idols in their heart which they are worshiping every day. They love sensual preasures more than the fullness of Joy, peace, Love, eternal preasures and true satisfaction which I the Lord give.

Many of my children are more focused on their earthly goals and future plans more than in an intimate relationship with Me. Half-hearted relationship is no relationship, for I the Lord do not accept a secound place in the life of my children. I am a Jealous God and I cannot share you with idols and the world. It is either you are fully given to me or you are not. Half-surrender of your life and will to me is no surrender. I require only a full surrender of your life and will to me. Only an intimate relationship with Me will bring you to my kingdom of peace, joy, light and love. Half-hearted relationship will never bring you to my kingdom. I am coming for a bride who have FORSAKEN ALL. Walking with me daily with a pure heart fully focused on Me her bridegroom. A bride that puts me first in everything she does. My children, stop wasting your presious time in the world and in gratifying of your flesh, for your time on earth is very short. Know that the next hour is not promised to you. Your time is too presious to waste in vanity and in pursut of shadows.

Seek me now that you still have breath in you, before it will be too late. Stop playing with the world and wash your self in my Blood, for nothing unclean shall ever enter into My kingdom. Do not be afriad of what is coming upon the earth. You should only be afriad of me by daily departing from iniquity. All those who have walked with me and are walking with me in this life will not be hurt by the secound death.


Coordinating Scriptures

2 Chronicles 16:9
Jeremiah 31:28
Proverbs 15:11
Proverbs 20:27
Heb 4:11-12
James 4:4-5
Revelation 21:27
James 4:13-16.
Revelation 2:11.
Brother Moses.

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