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H1N1, Grid Down Dreams (2 Dreams) – Julie

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H1N1, Grid Down Dreams (2 Dreams)

February 13, 2024 10:00 AM

I received this dream on 1/25/24

I was standing in a grocery store at the checkout and many people were behind me. It was loud and the cashier was yelling to me to tell her my pin number. I felt uncomfortable saying it out loud in front of everyone. Then I was in another location with a small group of people and I was describing what happened, and that I hadn’t wanted to say my pin number out loud.

I was then shown a timeline (which I don’t fully understand) but it may be personal for my life so I will leave that part out here.

I then walked into a room with a man, and the room had a large hot tub. On the wall was a sign that said H1N1. I dipped my toes in the water as he got in and I said: it isn’t very hot, we will have to drain it partially and refill it with hotter water. (For some reason this hot tub had a drain, and a tap). He said: “ok but don’t make it too hot or I’ll get dizzy”. I said: “the heat will kill the virus, right?” He nodded and said: “oh yeah, the heat will kill it”. I then went to the drain and discovered it was already draining for more hot water to be added. I said: “it is already draining” and he said” “yes they started draining it already” (referring to the people in there before us).

End of Dream.

On 2/5/24 I had another dream. I was with some people and I had understanding the entire power grid was down, and everyone had been told to take all their food and supplies to the grocery store for safe keeping so it wouldn’t be stolen. Then we could go to the store when we needed some of our own things and tell them a pin number to take our own items. I understood in the dream it would be very short lived and then we would never see or have access to our food/supplies again. I felt very conflicted because I knew I would never see my supplies again if I took them there, but I also knew if I didn’t do it I could get in trouble, and, people would actually be trying to steal it so it felt like a lose lose situation. When I woke up I realized this dream was a follow up to the first part of the dream above, and the reason the woman was asking me to say a pin number out loud. Without any electricity there was no way to scan a card or enter a number electronically.

I had a dream in 2018 about a virus being released at the Superbowl. I believe that did happen in 2020. I just had this dream about H1N1 a few weeks before the Superbowl, so it is possible this is a repeat of 2020. I had another dream years ago I was attacked by a tiger. I was able to fight him off with a shopping cart and catch his head in the handle of the cart. Then a second tiger ran at me who was much faster, much bigger and much stronger. I was able to trap his head in the cart, but not before he bit my arm causing a large wound. This indicated to me the second round would be much worse with shortages, and much harder to prepare for in advance by shopping.

Let us continue to PRAY for help, understanding and guidance. I was directed in a dream to say Psalm 91 morning and night, daily. It is easier if you just have it memorized. Continue to declare NO plaque will come near your dwelling. God bless!

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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