Gun Smuggling & Amy Coney Barrett – AJ


Gun Smuggling & Amy Coney Barrett

October 27, 2020 10:58 PM

Today is 28/10/2020

This is a very short dream that just came in passing. I’m writing it down because it may have significance as I’ve come to learn in retrospect to the ones I’ve had a few weeks back about the pope’s gay civil union and endorsement of a microchip which is the mark of the beast.

So I saw three men dressed like soldiers but they were civilians and they each had a high end sniper rifle getting ready to go hunting – I don’t know for what exactly, but they were going hunting. And then one of them wrapped the guns in a cloth and walked away and I heard one say”…taking them across state line” -almost as if he was going to smuggle the guns. After that out of the blue I got up and said audibly “Amy Coney Barrett”. And where I was standing there was a young woman mopping the floor and when she heard it she replied “the one who is a speaker” but I knew she meant to say judge instead and I nodded in affirmation.

This could mean several things for people and gun law in America. But as usual you can pray on it and prepare.


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