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Gummed Up With Sin – Murky Waters

August 14, 2023 12:30 PM


Most of us do not realize that God lives within us. Our bodies start out as temples of God. If we pollute these bodies, we are harming the God that lives within us. Any fornication done out of wedlock is a physical afront to our temples. God expects us to keep our temples clean and free of sins of all kinds. As our temples get gummed up with various sins, we are unable to work properly. We were not designed for sins to be part of us.
Anytime sins are introduced to the body certain aspects of that body loose functionality. It will not work like it was designed.

Keep free of sin and get yourself back to full soul optimal function. Rebuke all sins, repent, and do not go back to these sins.


You are a product of your creator and your surroundings and what you learn during your stay on Earth. Everything is a learning process as you grow up and make it to maturity. Some grow daily while others stagnate and stay in the dirty waters, they wallow in. All one needs to do, is to step out of the filth of where they wallow to progress in life. But unfortunately, that one step, out of the slimy and murky waters, they wade in, is sometimes too big of a step.

Focus on escaping the sins and things that have kept you stuck in the same areas of your life. Make conscious efforts to escape what has kept you from fully committing to my Kingdom. You currently are on a fence of indecision, balancing in the waters that are slowly sinking your soul. Make that decision to take that step out of the slimy waters and become the person you were always meant to be.

I will help you; you just need to ask for help.

Repent, pray read my word ad rebuke all sins. DO NOT go back to those murky waters. I died so you could escape your sins. Now, it is your turn, to make that decision to follow me. I love you; I know you can do it if you try. I await you.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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