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Guilty of Many Infractions This Invites Demons

October 10, 2023 9:10 AM

Many are guilty of many infractions of my law. They aimlessly perpetrate acts that my word strictly forbids. They make excuses for their behavior, believing, all the while, they will not be caught, for their indiscretions. They cover their tracks, thinking none will be wise as to the sins they have committed. They believe if they are not caught, there is no fowl. But this is where they are totally wrong.
Each sin brings invitations for demons to enter their soul. It is like a flashing neon sign to a demon, who is looking for housing. Demons must be invited before entering one’s body.
Each sin that is committed is like an open invitation for permanent residence. So even though you may think you have gotten away easy, your wrong. After a demon enters, it does not want to leave. The demon will try it’s best to keep you in sin. By staying in that sin, you are in agreement with the demons who are firmly affixed to you. It takes repentance, staying away from that sin, asking for forgiveness and getting close to I Am to extract demons. Rebuke the demons and eventually they will flee.

My light is enough to light up the world. I Am the light, the way and the truth. Nothing gets by me, without me knowing and I Am all knowing.
Some children feel they can get around the light and hide their evil deeds in darkness. This is not true. All lies will be exposed by the light and when they are, they will be dealt with swiftly and fairly.
My children have been warned to give up all sins and turn to my light. Again, I see this only happening in few of my children.
Darkness cannot enter and merge into the light when in the state of sin. Only you can change from darkness to light by your actions, repentance, asking for forgiveness and following thru with your righteousness. I Am waiting for the light to permeate your soul.

I have given my all to direct your path. Each path one takes in life is ultimately carved out by their experiences, choices, likes and dislikes. I can guide you; I can direct you, but the ultimate choices are yours. Do you take the high road, or not? Do you lie to get what you want out of a situation? Do you put other feelings and well-being before yourself?
What you become, by the end of your life, are all choices made along the way. These are decisions that make up your character and the person you have become.
Not one of my children are perfect. When each mistake, is corrected, as they are made, that child, is learning along the way. They notice the mistake didn’t work out well for them or they feel wrong and unsettled if bad choices are made. As they move along the path to righteousness, their soul feels more settled, more in sync with life. These correct moves bring them closer to I Am and the Kingdom of light. As each child turns from their sins, a giant leap forward is experienced within the soul. Darkness, that took up space is replaced with light. Repentance moves you closer to the light and closer to salvation. I Am there to hear your needs, wants and confessions when you are in prayer. Bring yourself closer to the light, every day.

There are right ways and there are wrong ways to proceed in life. Many of my children choose the more difficult roads, the rocky roads. They feel that taking the short cut, the less righteous road, will get them to their destination faster. But they are so wrong. That incorrect road they have chosen leads them into sin that they didn’t expect to encounter while trying to circumvent the slower path. The sin they have utilized, has brought them to an abrupt halt. A nook in the road they didn’t expect.
Life has many nooks and crannies that slow down our progress. It is only when we realize we must start over (repent) and reconstruct a correct path, will we be heading in the correct direction.
The enemy (Satan) hopes we will never discover there is a correct way to do and accomplish things. Satan counts on us continuing in our sins, so to keep us bound in the chains we have worn for so long.
It is time to put a stop to sin and the chains that bind our souls to darkness. Step into the light and see there is a different way to approach life and a different way to get to your destination

Your character becomes your destiny. As each of my children develop their character, they become who they are which ultimately brings them either to Heaven or Hell. Many make excuses for what they have done, claiming it doesn’t really hurt anyone. The problem is that it hurts the soul of the individual who engages in those sins.
Your sins get firmly affixed to you through the demons who now have permission to enter you. Their new housing, YOU, are appreciated and utilized. They whisper, in your ear, to do what you shouldn’t, until they wear you down. Which in turn causes even more entities to attach themselves to you. It is a viscous cycle until you repent of those sins and do not go back to them. Tell those demons you rebuke them and want them fully gone in Jesus’ name. Bind them, cancel their assignments and then send them to Hell. Tell them they are not welcomed and to never return in Jesus’ name.
Free yourself of these parasites and when you do, you will no longer be bound in the chains of regret.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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