Grossman’s: What’s on your feet? – Roxanne V

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Grossman’s: What’s on your feet?

September 28, 2023 8:37 AM
Roxanne V

Received 8/26/23 4am


A tall girl with long hair, blonde, in a white blouse and long straight, patterned skirt, walking into a boutique with friends. Someone said to her, “ you look good in your Grossman’s!” Obviously flattering her.

I instantly looked at her feet. They were talking about her shoes. Grossman’s (the name of the maker?) They were tan-colored, high- heeled sandals, opened-toed, fully covering the top of her foot (from ankle to just before her toes) with some sort of open-weave pattern through them.

People made way for her.

She came up to me and asked, “Where did you get the glow?”

I said to her, “It’s Jesus and you can’t buy it.”

She kind-of shook, like she was trying hard to control herself, and stepped backward to catch herself.

(End of dream)



Shoes are the focus of the dream. I don’t know what the name Grossman’s is yet. The focus is, what is on your feet? Are they shod with the Gospel of Peace or the luxuries of this world?

When you could walk in to your secret place to pray or go another way, what do you choose?

Actively dress (in the Spirit) – not passive. Choose the presentation of Christ: modest, spot-free and clean, wrinkle-free, peaceful, merciful, truthful, love.

Time spent in the presence of the Lord and being filled with the Holy Spirit — cannot be bought.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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