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good morning this is big enough like
ministry this morning I was talking the
Lord and he was still with me with some
things so I’m gonna read some scripture
know if the Holy Spirit move the video
they do have a God speak in Matthew 24
at verse 13 actually 12 it says because
iniquity shall abound the love of many
shall wax cold but he then endures until
the end the same shall be saved
I had told a wolf in sheep’s clothing
one time that don’t work keeps me broken
the point I was making was that I’m
always doing the words what what isn’t
right whatever it is you know I’m
imperfect nothing seems to go right with
me I’m broken that was my point and this
morning the Lord still with me about
being indifferent being indifferent
being cold to a brethren not loving like
we ought to let’s look at myth um first
Corinthians 13 at 4 though King James
Version says charity my heart says love
so I’m going to say love okay you ready
starting at four again of first
Corinthians thirteen love suffers long
and is kind love envy not love violence
is not itself is not puffed up love does
not behave itself unseemly six not her
own it’s not easily provoked
thanks no evil Joyce is not in iniquity
but rejoices in truth bears all things
believes all things hopes all things
endures all things
love never fails but where there be
prophecies they shall be they shall fail
where there there be tongues they shall
cease well wherefore there is knowledge
it shall vanish away for we know in part
we prophesize in part but when that
which is perfect is come then that which
is part shall be be done away when I was
a child I spoke as a child I understood
as a child I thought as a child but when
I became a man I put away childish
for now we through a glass darkly but
then face to face now I know in part
that then shall I know even as also I am
and now abideth Faith Hope and love
these three but greatest of these is
let’s pray thank you for this
opportunity to share your your God’s
speak I hope that whoever hears the
video will understand that we are just
vessels of the Holy Spirit used for the
honor of the Lord it’s in Romans 2:9
about the vessels honors and dishonours
but there’s one verse that stood out to
me because God says I am the daughter of
the Most High the Living God and so he
had brought me to this scripture roaming
tonight go there real quick bat let’s
start at the part of 25 here I will call
them my people which were not my people
and her my beloved which was not beloved
it shall come to pass that in the place
where it shows be said unto them you’re
not my people there
shall they be called the children of the
Living God alright so here we go you
have ears hear what the Spirit says to
the church this is a truth you you will
see me at your last breath you are my
beloved and they care for you the ways
are not all equal many live as they were
immortal on earth but I removed them for
I know their hearts and their ways
I will not tarry judgment on this land
they did not seek my face they did not
walk in my way every one going his own
way for the pleasure of his flesh pride
gluttony greed sloth lust Envy anger and
alike rejecting the weaker and standing
on self-preservation you did not feed
the poor you did not care for your
fellow men you chose hate rather than
love to fight rather than race a man is
at war in his own house I have seen it
all I am displeased
you must stop bickering and backbiting
the one with a pure heart sees God
holiness is required of my people the
road is narrow and difficult but worthy
of the journey there is no time left I
remove you with my breath and you are no
more seek me now well it is still day
for darkness comes no man knows the
appointed time it will come in a moment
hearts terrorized by what is in this
course darkness I will awaken many at
this time
we’ll be lights will be in my elect and
they will be their God
this is Jacob’s trouble live like a
saint as is red and it has done believe
and I apologize recording my throat but
then again what did I just tell you I’m
imperfect and in need of a savior let’s
thank you Lord for this opportunity to
just be real this moment and then
whoever hears this video well know that
God uses the broken to reflect his glory
and if you feel broken today that
there’s one his name is Jesus Christ the
Living God
this seeks that which was lost he left
the 99 and saved that one lost sheep God
put on my heart that there are many that
once believed and fell away
you are a perfect vessel of the Most
High in him Jesus Christ as Lord Luke 12
2 3 5 declares that what his hidden will
be seen and if you’re not him the
destroy the body but him the destroys
the soul in hell there is a place called
the white throne judgment there’s a
place a time and end where those that
reject the most I will go into the lake
of fire at the death of your soul this
is called the second death tourneys
forever seek and while you can

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