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Greif and Woes

October 1, 2020 3:51 PM

October 1, 2020 12:07PM

Oh America, America

I grieve in my spirit for the innocent little ones you have betrayed with your selfish choices and “rights” to slaughter them in their own mother’s wombs.

I grieve for the children and youths who will soon lose their lives because you have rejected the fear of the Lord in all you think, say and do.

I grieve for the young parents who will starve and be killed by invading armies because this nation has become an unrepentant olfactory offense to God.

I grieve for the families who have no future because their future was wasted on endless wars and crushing debt that keeps them from preparing for survival conditions.

I grieve for those who have spent their lives preparing for their retirement years only to have to face the coming financial collapse that will cost them everything they have labored and saved for and will soon force them to beg for crumbs of bread.

I grieve for the elderly who will seek death and not find it in times of the coming unimaginable hunger, hopeless, despair, and depression while seeing stacks of bodies in the streets of the lucky ones who’s suffering has ended.

I grieve for those who will be forced to eat the bodies of their own children and their beloved pets just to survive a few days.

I grieve for myself, for my own kin and family members continue in rebellion against the sovereignty of God.

I grieve for the broken heart of Jesus above all else. May God Almighty have mercy upon those who love and fear him in the days of the destruction of Babylon the Great.

Dear Jesus, YAHWEH SAVIOR, my God, Holy, just, righteous, and true.

How can I continue to stand in the gap between your anger and those who provoke you while usurping your power, plans and majesty while exalting themselves? I know hell has infinite boundaries and billions choose to spend eternity outside of your holy presense.

Woe to those who have aborted your children.

Woe to those who refuse to bow before you in this life because they will be forced to at your judgment seat, just before being cast into the lake of fire for eternity.

Woe to those who are ashamed of you.

Woe to the self righteous.

Woe &to the arrogant, proud and haughty.

Woe the to sexually immoral.

Woe to those who have stumbled others with their political rhetoric that does not acknowledge the kingdom of our God and of his Christ.

Woe to those who have preached ‘gain is godliness.’

Woe to those who have stumbled the children.

Woe to those who have believed Satan’s lies and supported cruel military might at the expense of hungry stomachs of innocent kids and the souls of those who are slaughtered without just cause the world over.

Woe to those who do not know your goodness and your severity.

Woe to those in rebellion against you.

Woe to your servants who will be slaughtered by Christ haters.

Woe to Babylon the Great, home to every filthy fowl, unclean bird and a haunt for every hateful demon.

Woe to the reprobate Babylon, who’s sins have reached God. There is no remedy. There is no repentance. There is no remorse. There is no justice. There is no turning from sin.

Woe unto that great city that deceives the entire world with her sorceries and sin.

Woe unto that great nation. Babylon shall be an astonishment, a by-word, a hissing and a heap of ruins devoid of life, whose glory will be remembered no more.

Woe unto those who must flee in winter.

Woe unto me, for I am undone by what I know in advance is coming. Let my days be few in number. Let my unworthy name in your book of life and my scarlet colored sins be covered by the cleansing blood of Jesus until you call me home to you.

It’s time, Father. Let your judgments begin. I pray that there would be a revival of repentance and holiness in the land as your judgment hammer falls with finality. We were warned but instead of heeding your warnings, we have mocked you and exalted ourselves. We are without excuse. Destroy us before we destroy all life on earth.

Have mercy oh God, upon those who hunger and thirst after you, your righteousness, justice
and your kingdom on earth as it is in Heaven. I pray you will remember your mercy that rejoices over judgment as your immeasurable anger against America, Babylon the Great, is unleashed.

In Jesus’ name.


Revelation 18



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