January 2, 2020

I address the children of America this day—the start of the Gregorian calendar New Year.

This will be a year unlike any others before it. This will be a year of GREAT SHAKINGS!!! There will be a:

SHAKING in government, political upheavals, civil war, nation against nation as each battle for full control. War surrounds on all sides against you America

SHAKING as more weather catastrophes occur

SHAKING as your economy will fall, crippling America. You will not be great again

SHAKING-awakening where blinders will come off; eyes and ears opening as people realize tyranny is their main objective. Your government is not for the people but against the people. It is all about their agenda, their New World Order/One World Religion. Extermination is the name of the game.

SHAKING as the severity of redemptive judgments go forth

SHAKING coming upon the House of God

SHAKING coming to the wicked and justice for My People. It will be the worst times but the best times for many will see things never seen before on this earth. Where darkness is, there will also be light!

Woes and lamentation, tribulations, not peace and safety are coming upon this nation. I will SHAKE ALL THAT CAN BE SHAKEN!!

The SHAKING, QUAKING will resound throughout the earth and My Name will once again be known. No longer will people dismiss Me—saying I do not exist. I am and have always been.

A GREAT SHAKING will arise as My Chosen will be brought forth. The enemy’s kingdom shall be shaken for the enemy fears My Power but evil will continue to rise exponentially.

You children WILL KNOW the FEAR OF THE LORD and that I AM NOT DEAD AND GONE BUT FULLY ALIVE! I was the Lamb brought to slaughter for the salvation of souls but now you will hear the ROAR From the Lion of Judah. I am HE and I hold the keys to hell and death. I will not be ignored any longer.

Earth will tremble, the wicked will try to run and hide. None can escape Me. My Kingdom will come, My will be done—everything according to my timeline. Prophecies will be fulfilled for My Word never goes void. Judgments have already gone forth but how many have noticed?

My true children have suffered extensively at the hand of evil and now their season to shine is upon them. There will be a great upset to the kingdom of darkness as My Chosen go forth for they will bring many sons and daughters home to me. The lost shall be found! For those fully surrendered, obedient to My commands, doing My Will as I have asked of you, blessings. I will bring you forth in My love. There is much work to be done.

To those who do not believe I AM and do not believe hell exists you will see the enemy tremble at the sight of My Chosen Shining Lights for you will know how short his time is by the rampage he will be on as he hunts down those who call themselves Christians. These will be the days of persecution as I will test and try all hearts. You WILL SEE HELL ON EARTH and it is only a foretaste of what hell will be for all who refuse to repent to Me and bow before the Master.

All this comes at a cost for your refusal, disobedience and acknowledgement of My Sovereignty.

Your futures hang in the balance of whether you bow, repent or continue in your rebellion, refusing to submit. Those who repent will suffer less but the severity that shall fall on the stiff-necked unrepentant ones will be greater. It all hinges upon your response. You will cause greater sorrows to fall upon yourselves if you refuse.

Many of My children are crying out for answers. This is the year you will receive your answers. Many do not know where to go and have gotten mixed messages from well-meaning friends and family. Satan wants to keep those who are Mine in confusion in order that you doubt Me. Children, I am working on your behalf and there will be great moves of My Hand and greater strides of moving forward. I will grant even greater clarity and even those who have not heard My voice or heard it clearer will receive this of Me. Just hold on children of Mine. Heaven does not nap. All of heaven is working on your behalf while most on earth love to sleep!

There is much despair coming for the “disobedient” in order that you may be saved. Again, it all hinges on your response for I desire the best for you and not to harm you. What will your answer be?

THE SHAKINGS WILL AWAKEN THE HEARTS OF MANY AS WELL AS PUT FEAR IN MANY. If you come to the way, truth and life, I, YAHUSHUA, you will no longer fear. My peace will envelop you and I will guide and lead you.

TRUST AND OBEDIENCE will be paramount in 2020. Without faith, you will not please Me. Faith is believing and trusting Me for all your needs in 2020 for it will be a most lean year. Obedience mandatory for you must NOT veer to the left or right and go off on your own. I am here to help and you will remain protected if you listen to instruction and stay in My Will. If you run out of fear, you will lose your way completely. I require that you continue to stay in repentance and come before Me daily. I REQUIRE STRICT ADHERENCE TO MY INSTRUCTIONS—it will very well be a matter of life and death for many. DO NOT act irrationally.

Love the least of these as I have loved you. You will be needed to help others for so many will be in dire need. There will be much devastation coming but do not fear for I am with thee.

2019 was mild compared to what is coming this year and beyond. If My people would repent, I would heal their land but My people have chosen the broad road to destruction. You will wake up from your slumber but it will be in the way I CHOOSE to wake you up!

Love came to save and love will prevail in the days of much adversity, persecution, unrest, loss of homes, jobs, mammon.

Come back into My love and I am more than able to provide for your needs. You are worth more than a mere sparrow to Me yet it will be fraught with hardships along the way. Nothing in life will be easy. Life will NOT be getting easier but much more difficult. Ready yourselves! Will you die for Me or take the Mark? Will you blame Me or stay with Me?

Will you allow Me in? Everlasting life I gave to the dying thief on the tree and everlasting life I will give to you if you repent, open your heart. It brings Me great joy to forgive you. So forgive others so you, too, may be forgiven. As a flower fades and soon is gone, so shall this world.

So REJOICE for there is a Kingdom coming far greater and more beautiful than your hearts and minds can perceive. I desire for you to be with Me! I am a gentleman and will NOT force Myself on anyone. You must speak it to Me alone—confess it, let it go and you, too, will dance and sing with the angels. Refuse and torment in hell will be your everlasting home. Which abode would you like to abide in?

DO NOT wait for the last minute—procrastination will cost you dearly. Do it NOW for in the midst of all the chaos fear will overtake you. Repent NOW and I will still the fear for there is no fear in Me and the peace and love that I give surpasses all of man’s understanding and reasoning. This door won’t be open much longer and soon all words of warnings will go silent.

Listen to My Words of love this day!



(Given to Ms. Sophie on 1/1/2020 shortly after Noon this day)

Psalm 46:10 10 Be still, and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the heathen, I will be exalted in the earth.

For the Chosen: Isaiah 61:1-3 KJV The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me; because the Lord hath anointed me to preach good tidings unto the meek; he hath sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and the opening of the prison to them that are bound; 2 To proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord, and the day of vengeance of our God; to comfort all that mourn; 3 To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the Lord, that he might be glorified.

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  1. Eyes Open

    Thank you Ms Sophie. These are the exact verses God has led me to also for this year. Confirmation.

  2. Fred

    Please keep this message on top
    This is all so true

  3. Confirmation dear sister!! Stay strong in Jesus Love & Prayers,

    Prophetess Dawn O’Brien
    Servant of the Lord

    2020 Will Be A Year Like No Other!

    1/1/20 at 10:56 AM I heard the Holy Spirit say to me, “Are You Ready to Cross Over?”

    A PROPHETIC SERVANT IS CALLED TO WARN THE PEOPLE OF WHAT IS COMING! Read: Ezekiel 3:16-19-Ezekiel Is a Watchman. Amos 3:7-8- When the Lord GOD decides to do something, he will first tell his servants, the prophets. 8 When a lion roars, people are frightened. When the Lord GOD speaks, a prophet must prophesy.

    Children you have now crossed over into a brand New Year. 2020 will be a year like NO OTHER, I hear the Lord say. 2020 will be year of many challenges on the forth front. Remember I the Lord have made you strong. You are able to overcome any challenge in the power of MY name. Apart from ME dear children you can do nothing. I the Lord am the vine and you are the branches.


    Do not wander off and go your own way. STAY CONNECTED, says the Lord. With ME there is life forever more. Without ME there is death and heartache. I the Lord will lead you this year. I have much planned for you MY sons and daughters. Seek ME the Lord. Do not make any decisions on YOUR OWN!

    Always seek ME the Lord first before you do anything or go anywhere. Children you are living in perilous times. MAKE ME THE LORD YOUR FIRST PRIORITY! That means put ME the Lord first in EVERYTHING, I hear the Lord say. Many of you have made ME second, third and fourth.


    This is the year where many of you will make a decision whether you will serve God whole heartily or walk away from the Lord. You must put your feet in the ground and keep them there. Children you must not be moved! The world will try to change YOUR BELIEFS, I hear the Lord say.


    There is a separation coming in families, I hear the Lord say. This is the time where you need to make sure your family is TIGHT AND KNITTED TOGETHER AS ONE IN THE SPIRIT! If not there will be a separation. I am telling you in advance because many will need to make a decision are they going to follow their family or God. Some of you I hear will walk alone with the Lord. You are not alone because the Lord is with you. He promised to never leave us or forsake us. Do not be afraid of the un-known, the Lord says. You and I do not know our future the Lord does. We must trust Him completely. You and I must not be afraid to step out in obedience and do what Jesus is asking us to do. He will be with you!
    BE STRONG, I hear the Lord say.

    DO NOT WORRY! Our times are in the Lord’s hands. One day at a time. That is all God expects from us. Take one day at a time. Do not worry about tomorrow. For tomorrow may never come. God loves you very much and so do we. We pray the Lord be with each one of you this New Year!

    Scriptures: John 15:1-8 The True Vine, John 15:5, 2 Timothy 3:1-5-Perilous Times and Perilous Men, Matthew 6:33-34, Matthew 22:37-40, Isaiah 50:7, Psalm 62:6-8, Revelation 2:12-17-The Compromising Church, Matthew 10:34-39-Christ Brings Division, Hebrews 13:5.

    1-1-20 Make Sure that “The 2020 Vision” that You have is not a Delusion of Temporal Grandeur from the Enemy! – Holy Spirit Wind



    Prophetess Dawn O’brien
    Servant of the Lord

    12-31-19 Happy New Year/ Warning Message to President Trump!

    12-29-19 United States Economy Down Hill In 2020!

    12-21-19 “There’s Nothing to Fear When God is in Control!”

    12-19-19 Is China Pulling Back From The Trade Deal?

    12-18-19 Get Ready God Is About To Speak!

    12-16-19 Please Keep President Trump In Prayer!

    12-14-19 A Holy Ghost Revival Is Getting Ready To Take Place!

    12-13-19 “Gods Final Warning Before The Shaking!”

    Love & Prayers,

    Dawn O’brien and the Ministry Team of “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner”

    “Touching One Life at a Time”

    Please keep “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner” in your prayers. If You Want To Send A Prayer Request, Something For Me To Look At, A Word Of Encouragement, Pay Pal Donation Or Anything Else Send It To This Email Address:

    Thank you for caring and showing your love for others. All gifts to the ministry are tax deductible for “Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner, a non-profit 501 (c) 3 organization.

    Dawn’s Heartfelt Corner
    P.O. Box 161273
    Altamonte Springs, FL 32716

  4. S.S

    The opening of sixth seal brings Great Shaking

    I have openned a seal
    3 December 2019

    Lord says
    ” My son, listen unto this important news. I have openned a seal which brings forth destruction and devastation. But remember, those who have strong foundations in Me shall even withstand Category 6 Cyclone. Remember the number 6 and 666 which is the mark of beast.”

    Five times 6 is repeated in this prophectic word. This is enough to convince me that Sixth Seal has been openned.
    Rapture will not take place at Sixth Seal . See link below
    Great Earthquake- The great earthquake is first sign after opening of sixth seal. It may be prophesied California earthquake 10.0 . Great Earthquake prophesy will be fulfilled in the coming days. The prayers of saints are holding it back for a while.
    I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood.

    Category 6 Cyclone – The opening of sixth seal will also bring forth Category 6 Cyclone ( seas and the waves roaring)
    ” And there will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring;
    “men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of heaven will be shaken.

    mark of beast – Sixth Seal opening will lead to introduction of mark of beast in the world.

    Great Shaking- Sixth Seal opening will fulfill ‘ Great Shaking ‘ prophecy in Bible.
    And the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind.
    Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place.

    Five seals are already opened

    Seal 1 – White colour of horse represents false religion ( islam). Horse represents the fast spread of islam. Rider has bow but no arrows which means that Rider will went on conquering with threat of war. islam spreaded with threat of war and nations surrendered and accepted islam .

    Seal 2 -Red horse represents bloodshed due to false religion ( islam) . Jihadi has caused much bloodshed in past and present. Terrorist causing bloodshed all around the world. We all know that islam is most violent Religion. Isis is best example of it.

    Seal 3 – Black horse represents Famine . This famine is spread widespread over Middle East and north Africa.
    Oil and wine represents Christians and Israel.
    These both groups are protected from these 4 horses.

    I have twice seen vision of black horse and many prophets has also seen black horse. This has confirmed that black horse is released with opening of third seal

    Seal 4 – Pale horse represents death. Pale horse works in combination with other 3 horses to kill fourth of Earth with sword, with hunger , with death and by the beasts of the Earth.
    Pale horse was seen in Egypt roits which has confirmed the opening of fourth seal. See link below

    Seal 5 – It depicts martydom.
    In 2017, Lord said to Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj that time has come for Rev 6:9-11 to be fulfilled. See link below
    Prophet Sadhu Selvaraj is preparing an army of martyres.
    He organises Martydom Conference teaching how to die for Lord Jesus Christ.
    In 2020, He is conducting 7 Martyres Conference all over the world.

    In upcoming days, the signs of first five seals opened will increase when antichrist is revealed.

    Seal 1 – antichrist will be given crown and he will went on conquering. Nations will surrender. he will be given authority over every nation ( Rev 13:7).

    Seal 2 – False Religion ( One World Religion) and Biblical wars will cause much bloodshed

    Seal 3 – antichrist government will ban Bible . antichrist will remove Word of God from internet and Churches will be closed. This will lead to Famine of Word of God. ( Amos 8:11-12).

    Seal 4 – Death will widespread due to God ‘s judgement on nations.

    Seal 5 – antichrist government will kill Christians in every nation. Martydom will be widespread.

  5. Timothy Wyman

    To all,

    This will not be a popular post for many, but I feel strongly led to link the following article. Jesus never indicated that His true followers would be “popular” – He said that they would be PERSECUTED AND HATED for His name. The article is entitled “America is guilty of everything we accuse Iran of doing”.

    Read the article, and ask Our Father if the author (Ryan Cooper) is not speaking His Truth in regards to His Eternal Word. He is the LIVING God, and just as He did in ancient times, He speaks to us NOW through His servants, and will continue to do so in the future.

    This modern-day prophecy speaks of the “Great Shaking”, as it does throughout the Bible. The Bible says that His people are “asleep”, and that they “walk about in darkness”. That is NOT COMPLIMENTARY language, my friends, but a VERY STRONG WARNING from Our Father who loves EACH and EVERY one of us. Those who believe that He loves certain groups more than others are sadly mistaken and are NOT “on the straight and narrow path”, but are following a different one.

    Jesus repeatedly and rightfully accused the Jews, Pharisees and scribes of being false-righteous hypocrites. Do you not see THAT WE ARE HYPOCRITES??? The President of the United States, my country, just ordered the COLD-BLOODED ASSASSINATION of a revered Iranian leader – military or not is irrelevant. Terrorist or not – irrelevant. Did God not command, “Thou shall not kill.” Does he give us a free pass if we “feel threatened”, or if we can “justify” it??? HE DOES NOT!! Are we ALL not sinners, only able to be redeemed of God???

    God is the ONLY JUDGE, yet we repeatedly EXALT OURSELVES ABOVE GOD, and have the audacity to say that not only we do these things in His name, the President also boldly proclaimed “God is on OUR SIDE”. If the tables had been turned and an Iranian (or Iraqi, Russian or Chinese) hit-squad had come in and assassinated Defense Secretary Mark Esper, for example (I might as well name names, since we have now set a new “standard”), would the American people NOT BE UP IN ARMS, SEETHING FOR REVENGE??? Of course we would!!!!

    For all who do not see, the Great Shaking is not only coming forth, it actually upon us – we just choose to stop our ears, close our eyes, and fail to acknowledge the enemy within.

    I could go on with much more, but as Paul wrote, “many hearts will grow cold”. This coldness makes the division between light and darkness very, very clear.

    I pray for all.

  6. Timothy Wyman

    As an addendum to my previous comment, read Daniel 10 and ask for understanding. Did the one whom Daniel saw not say that he had been contending with the “prince of Persia” for 21 days? Which country is Persia today?? What does this tell us?? Could we be there now?

  7. Our nations will be restored; but it is not happening without restoring the Ten Commandments written in stone by the finger of God in DEUTERONOMY 5, and ACTS 3:18-21. PLEASE read these scriptures with new eyes and clearer understanding; we must be one with our God, the Word of God. UNITY comes with the same holy days of no work. Our day of rest must be the Seventh day of each week; and LEVITICUS 23 has other celebrations and rest. There is great power in them, so we never forget the POWER and authority our Creator has given us. This is how WE become the “Saints of the Most High who take away the dominion of those who “CHANGED TIMES AND LAWS”. DANIEL 7:24-28

    ACTS 3:18-21 RESTORATION of all spoken by God’s holy prophets from the beginning; that includes the obvious holy SEVENTH day of no work.
    The whole world would be blessed by the children of Israel because THEY were given the laws of the government and life in a holy land.
    Without holiness no man shall see God. He IS the WORD OF GOD. HEBREWS 12:14, JOHN 1:1.

    EXODUS 31:12-18
    12 And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,

    13 Speak thou also unto the children of Israel, saying, Verily my sabbaths ye shall keep: for it is a sign between me and you throughout your generations; that ye may know that I am the Lord that doth sanctify you.

    14 Ye shall keep the sabbath therefore; for it is holy unto you: every one that defileth it shall surely be put to death: for whosoever doeth any work therein, that soul shall be cut off from among his people.

    15 Six days may work be done; but in the seventh is the sabbath of rest, holy to the Lord: whosoever doeth any work in the sabbath day, he shall surely be put to death.

    16 Wherefore the children of Israel shall keep the sabbath, to observe the sabbath throughout their generations, for a perpetual covenant.

    17 It is a sign between me and the children of Israel for ever: for in six days the Lord made heaven and earth, and on the seventh day he rested, and was refreshed.

    18 And he gave unto Moses, when he had made an end of communing with him upon mount Sinai, two tables of testimony, tables of stone, written with the finger of God.”

    Ephesians 2:12 “That at that time ye were without Christ, being aliens from the commonwealth of Israel, and strangers from the covenants of promise, having no hope, and without God in the world:” We were strangers from His wisdom, we did not follow Him in truth.

    Praise the Yahuveh and His Son Yahushua, both names mean Yah Saves. See He revealed them to use now. read the scriptures in your own language, free, online.

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