Greater annointings are rising – Patti Huson

Patti Huson

September 29, 2018

ln a vision I saw God placing walls
of fires around people, families.
Then I saw water rising, then the
Lord said “Greater annointings are
rising. Sorcery, greater sorcery is
being spread out into the nations.
As the powers of demons rise, so
shall it be my annointing shall rise.
I am a hedge barrier of protection
around mine own, a wall of fire
shall consume all that is not of
me. Stand back and see the works
by my hands amidst my people,
mine own, of whom l have made a
Covenant with. l shall declare my
name in my heavens in the midst
of the great sorrows which at this
very hour is soon to come upon the
earth. My greatness shall be established, for am I not this Rock upon which upon all others shall fall? The whore of Babylon, my disgust for
you shall now be your end.

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