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Kevin Barrett

November 28, 2018

Great Victory Is Now Yours For The Taking.

A word from our Lord, Savior, and King:

My people, listen well to Me this day. Truly, these are exciting times in which you live.

I am aware that the enemy of your soul is sorely coming against many of you in your bodies and/or circumstances. However, this is because he fears what is ahead. For I declare to you this day that you have stepped over the threshold into a new era and a new day, the day of My power. Therefore, stand in faith against the enemy and I will lead you through your trials to victory.

I would have you all to know this one thing, there is absolutely NOTHING that can stop you from becoming overcomers in these last days except for your own selves. For I am pouring out an unprecedented grace for your triumphant victory. But you MUST access this grace by your faith. Oh, it will not take much faith on your part, for just the faith of a mustard seed will be sufficient for the power of My Spirit to work in and through you in these last days.

So get ready for great breakthroughs and fulfillment of long-awaited promises. These are the days in which you can make great strides in your own personal life. You can now gain victory in areas which seemed impossible in days past. For I am with you to bring you into your destinies. All you need to do is call upon My name and ask for My help. I am here to bear you up, My little ones.

Now listen, the enemy fears My great army that shall arise in these last days. Therefore, he is waging war against all of mankind, especially those who are Mine. His screams are loud as he uses the media, government powers, and voices of many. He is screaming fear, defeat, and distractions. But you are all Mine and you have My power to overcome the wiles of the devil. Therefore, do not listen to him, but listen to and focus on Me instead. Ask of Me, and I will give you wisdom and discernment so that you shall know the truth and will not be deceived by the lies of the enemy. For I am working behind the scenes to make a way for My people and My end-time army to assemble and arise. But the enemy would have you focus on what he is doing. Don’t give in to this.

My people, I am so excited over you all. Yet, I must give you this warning. Even though these are the days for great triumph, there are also great dangers ahead for many of you. For the enemy of your soul will try everything he’s got to derail you from your destiny. With this; keep in mind that you cannot afford to play with sin and the world any longer. For if you do, you could fall into a deep pit that could cost you great loss in both this life and the next. Therefore, stand firm in the liberty which I have set you free and do not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. Do not even flirt with temptation, for you could get caught in a snare that will lead to your undoing. You do NOT want this to happen in these last days.

Now then, rejoice in the freedom and grace that I now give you. And fight the good fight of faith. For even though great victory is now yours for the taking, you must still take it. I will not do this alone for you, but instead, I will do it WITH you according to your faith. And as you take My hand and decree My promises over your life and your flesh, and do as I say, you will gain victory in many areas and make great strides in your spiritual journey.

My people, you MUST overcome in this season. For I am preparing My end-time army and My army MUST and WILL be free from all entanglements, and overcome the devil, the flesh, and the world, just as I did when I walked in the flesh.

So hear Me well when I tell you to stretch out your faith and take hold of your freedom from all sin and weights that so easily beset you. This is your time to overcome by My blood, the voice of your testimony, and loving not your lives even unto death. I love you all with an everlasting love. And if you would do this, you shall not be disappointed…….

Dear Saints,

Troubles and chaos in the world around us will continue to escalate as we get closer to the end. We have already been warned of this in the scriptures. However, we are not to be overcome by the world but we are to overcome the world instead. We are in a season of great personal victories if we would pursue this instead of allowing the devil to distract us or get us in fear. He has already been defeated by Christ and now we are to partake in that victory. Don’t let fear and/or distractions keep you from taking advantage of this time to overcome…..

In spite of all that’s going on with governments, civil unrest, and the migrant caravans, I have had an excitement in my spirit-man for some time now. I can taste victory in this season and I know this to be true for many of God’s people. So be encouraged by this word from the Lord…..

Also, because of the holiday season, donations are down. So, if anyone is able to give a donation of any size for my needs, it would be greatly appreciated.

Much love and blessings to you all in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your Brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

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