Great Tribulation Period – S.S.

Great Tribulation Period

Aug 7, 2019, 9:27 AM

Hi, I am from Punjab, India.

I got a dream on 1 January which is disscussed below

Approaching towards Tribulation

On 1 January 2019 about 5 am, I received a dream. My mother and father went to one direction in car. I and my sister went to opposite direction in a car. Both cars were driven by persons whom I don’t know. I and my sister saw suddenly a explosion occurs in market. The explosion can be seen from many kilometers. It looks like a huge fire ball hits the Earth. The sun appears red hot. Then I saw a fire falling on Earth ( Rev 8:7). I saw about one third of Earth to be burned saw dragon like creature arising from sea ( Rev 13:1). The dragon like creature is huge. It looks that the dragon is hundreds kilometers long. Many dragon like creature were attacking the Earth( Rev 13:7).


Car in dream is like Ark of Naoh which was driven by God. In such chaos, I and my sister we’re in rest . We didn’t panic after seeing the explosion. It looked to be ordinary event in those days.

I got to know that we were in Great Tribulation period because fire was falling from heaven is depicted in first Trumpet sounding ( Rev 8:7).

Moreover dragons like creature attacking Earth will be in Great Tribulation period as depicted in Rev 12.

I believe that 2019 end can be bringing of Tribulation period. Lord Jesus Christ has given us time till end of the year to prepare for Tribulation period.
So prepare a Ark of safety ( car in dream) , so that you may be protected in tough times.

God has revealed me that Rapture will occur at seventh trumpet in Great Tribulation period.
See Rev 11:15-19, 1 Cor 15:52 ( last Trumpet), Rev 14:14-16 ( Rapture is harvest).

So Lord may comfort you all.


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