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Great Tribulation And Darkness Comes To The Earth – Patti Young

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Great Tribulation And Darkness Comes To The Earth

Febuary 25, 2024
Patti Young

I began to hear the Lord speak. ”

Give all glory and honor to Me your King. Sing oh ye people, all those who have a voice to utter.

Glorify Me and My name, let your praises flow as honey and dew from your lips.

Great and marvelous, powerful things I am about to do on your behalf.

The earth shall tremble and quake with My presence in the earth, and I shall be as a mighty Lion who roars at His enemies.

Hear Me oh you heathen in the earth, My presence shall be unveiled and released in and through My people, my chosen ones.

Power and might will be released unto the meek, the weak and the humbled ones.

My glory shall shine as a beacon, a dwelling place, and I say unto the lost, those dwelling in the darkness, come unto Me, for I am the one who loves you and cares for you. I will shelter and cover you by My Spirit.

I gave My life so that mankind could be set free, and and be joined with Me in My kingdom forever.

Great tribulation and darkness comes to the earth, to separate those that truly belong to Me.

Enter My courts with your strings and your cymbols for I AM the Almighty One whose kingdom comes.

Where can man hide from Me, the evildoers who deny and despise I AM?

Lift up your hands all of you that are mine, for again I say power and might belongs to Me and great things I am about to do, for I shall unearth the things that are hidden, and will lift up and magnify My glory onto My own, a people who are Mine.

The angels sing in My heavens for My Truth and presence is soon to be revealed onto all of the earth.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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