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Great sorrows are coming to America – Krystal Beall

Krystal Beall

September 24, 2018

Behold the end of all things is at hand. Lo, it is here. Look up my longing, faithful ones for truly I tell you now is the hour of your redemption. All that which is written and all that which I have spoken shall surely come to pass. I AM is filled with great sorrow and with great love. My mercy still extends to those whom are blind to MY WORD…and to the hour in which has come. Many have not sought me. Many have sought me in wells filled with venemon. False religion has wounded many and led many to the slaughter. I have called ALL men unto repentance. Come out from the world. Come out from among them. Touch no unclean thing and I shall receive you. I AM HOLY and without holiness no man shall see me. There is a great fulfilment on American soil. A tragic and glorious unfolding. A revelation that no man was prepared for. And certainly no man was seeking. For men’s hearts have waxed cold. Blind, deaf and filled with hostility towards ME…their LORD, GOD and savior whom loves them with an everlasting love and with loving kindness has drawn them. I AM longsuffering willing no man to perish but ALL men to repent and inherit eternal life. I AM relentless in my harvesting of souls in whom I created in my image and likeness…in whom I blew my breath into and in whom I became man and shed my blood for. I have warned and warned. Blessed are you whom have harkened unto my cries. Whom have lifted your head and have obeyed. Blessed are you whom have warned and shared with his neighbor that in which I have revealed to you. Great is your reward I say…GREAT. Yet greater still is the joy you have brought unto me and the souls whom have been harvested through your obedience and sacrifices unto my calls. For I AM faithful. I AM TRUE. I will heal. I will restore. I will give unto you the desires of your heart and wipe away all tears from your eyes. I will make ALL things new. I have..and soon you shall see me in all my glory. Great sorrows are coming to America. To the nation whom has rejected me. I will execute my justice swiftly upon America. My justice is an act of my love and mercy. Be free from this beast in which has blinded which you reside in the belly of and many are complacent thereof. I tell you. You are deceived. My kingdom is NOT of this world. My ways are not your ways. My thoughts are not your thoughts. I know the thoughts I think towards you. Thoughts to prosper you..not to harm you. To give you hope and an expected end. The harrowing revelation in America will now be revealed. I have gone before you and made the crooked paths straight. I AM in you..with you…I AM for you. Never will I leave or forsake you. I have prepared a place that where I AM…ye may be also. U and imprisonment shall befall the nation. Many proud voices that fill America shall fall silent as great wailing fills the land. As what ye have robbed ME of..Yea America ye have robbed me…shall also be taken from you. No one will listen America as you cry out. Your cries shall fall upon deaf ears…hearts of stone and you shall be led away by blind men whom insist they are for you..they know what is best and you no longer have a voice.The nations freedom is revoked. Many will find themselves in captivity. Captivity within themselves and within unfamiliar walls. Many will stare upon a strangers face with a deep longing for a sign of compassion. It will be withheld from you. As America has withheld from me. Many will come to me in great tribulation…in great sorrow as the walls cave in and fall down around you. Then in the fire ye shall see and know. I AM . Many will fall in this hour upon their faces and cry out as the fire rages and the blood flows. ALL NATIONS WHOM REJECT GOD ARE TURNED INTO HELL. AMERICA HAD REJECTED GOD. I AM WITH YOU ALWAYS UNTIL THE VERY END OF THE AGE. That has come upon thee. Look up for the wedding banquet of the LAMB is set and is commencing. I AM longsuffering. I AM patient. I AM MERCY…I LOVE YOU…I will met out my justice. In the breaking of the staff of bread shall many awaken and be born again. You then will know what this nation has commited against me…That has drawn my heavy hand of judgment upon the land…backed by my heavy heart. Behold I come quickly.
Jesus Christ


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