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Great pain is coming to America – Krystal Beall

Great pain is coming to America

May 1, 2020
Krystal Beall

Great pain is coming to America. Great pain is here. Few notice. Few are they who cry out. Few are they who mourn.  Fire. Intense fire is upon America. Intense fire is in the midst now. Surrounded on all sides you shall burn.

America has REJECTED me. I have said it. I say it again. Desolation is through the door. Nothing. Nothing. Nothing will ever be the same again. There is no going back. Only an accelerated moving forward. Fulfillment of all that is written. All I have spoken. I have cursed you America with a curse. Your streets shall run with blood, greater than they do now. Woe.Woe to you America. Woe. I shall not spare the nation whom REJECTED me. Nay…

Abomination. Desolation. What do you not understand O harlot nation? Sin soaked. I AM SADDENED PROFOUNDLY TO HAVE BEEN REJECTED IN THIS NATION. These wounds I have received in the house of my friends. Your house has left you desolate. Profane and wicked are you. Prideful and rebellious. Thus ye shall fall. In one hour. Thy hour has come upon thee.

As a woman with child who’s hour has come. Endure she must. The nation travails. Each wave coming closer together and increasing in intensity. Your false freedom.. Revoked. Taken captive. Held hostage. A shattered crown. Crown of defilement for all to witness. The bottomless pit I have opened. The locuts consume. Devour without mercy. Reap what you have sown America. Sown a field of sin. Lawlessness abounds. Reaping a harvest of destruction. Devestation. Death.

All who live Godly shall suffer persecution. Ye shall be hated by all men for my namesake. If ye have not suffered this ..Do ye really follow and know me? Fear not. I AM with thee and shall deliver thee. I AM Faithful. I AM true. I AM who I AM. The way is narrow. Few find. Few desire. Bitter shall be the portion of America. Blood in fury and jealousy. My hand stretched out firm against America.

You have REJECTED me America. You have trampled and slay me anew. Yes. The Lamb is slain. The Lion is Risen up in the fire of my fury and correction. Abasing all who have REJECTED me. All who defy me. You see not as I see. My ways and thoughts are higher. Be careful lest any man deceive you. Have I not warned? Have I not given signs? I AM not mocked. The hour is late. Love I AM. My heart bleeds for the degradation shown me from America. You walk blind to a pit. There is no great for a nation who REJECTED me. There is but an end. Calamity. Desolation. Devestation. Destruction.

Hold fast. Look up. I make all things new. To all who love me…I hear your cries. See your tears. Your prayers I have answered. Believe. Trust. Know. I AM in you. With you. For you. Therefore who can be against you? I have prepared a place that where I AM ye may be also. I know you speak to a most rebellious people..Whom refuse to listen. Many of my own cry they no longer warn or speak…They don’t listen. They laugh JESUS. They do this to me my faithful. This is how I AM RECEIVED IN AMERICA. I will destroy you America. It is here. The hour is now. Not peace. Not safety. Sudden destruction. Draw into me now. Enter in. My door closes. My lips fall silent. There is a whisper…We have REJECTED the LORD.


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  1. Tim

    Thank you, Krystal, for this word, for it rings true.

    Everyone talks nowadays about Coronavirus, Covid-19, vaccines, Remdesivir, Gilead, & “can’t wait ’til we get back to “normal”. We hear all these “Woe is me” tales of this, that and the other thing. Our songs of “we’re all in this together” are all siren songs. Sorry to tell you folks, but if you believe what “they” are saying, you are like fish feeding on “chum” – you are the frogs in the kettle of water on the campfire.

    This is all part of the snare and the trap. What we see is just the tip of the iceberg. There is a reason why “ALL eyes shall mourn”, there is a reason why the Son of Man will say to many, “Depart from me for I never knew you.”

    Pray as to why the Lord told Krystal that we have rejected Him, and why few notice and cry out over the great pain here.

    “God sends a strong delusion that many believe a lie”. I say to you, “Ask Him outright, “What is this delusion??” I will say this much – He is describing the delusion and its effects in His message given to Krystal.

    I pray for all.

  2. madelyn

    There’s never been a time when those who followed God failed to have His freedom. Those who fail to follow God lose that freedom. Result=Totalitarianism regime. Anarchy and or invasion. That’s where we are total. America has gone into captivity. Believers choices are now captivity, the sword or flee Babylon. Some will leave. Some will hunker down and be used. Many will die. Blood of Jesus on your doorposts. Walk so closely with God you hear Him whisper strategic instructions and be quickly obedient in all things 24/7. Believers have a distinct advantage. We’re not subject to the plans and purposes of darkness. We’re subject to God’s plans and purposes. Chosen. For such a time as this. ALPHA OMEGA DELTA FORCE END TIME WARRIOR BRIDAL COMPANY reporting for duty. xo

  3. Jerrid Campbell

    America will be destroyed for what yaw have done to the True Jews aka Black African American. Yaw will be destroyed by the The Most High and his Chariots!

  4. Warrior4Jesus

    The strong Delusion is not coming one day in the future! The strong delusion is already here! The powers that be, The Trilateral Commission, The Deep State Cabal, The Black Hats, The Bilderbergs, The Rockerfellers, The Gates, The Soros, The Zuckerberg’s, The Clinton’s, The Pelosi’s, The Newsome’s, The British Monarchy, and many many more, etc;..etc;..these are the people behind the One World Global Order GESARA reset that own all of the Mainstream Media, Social Media, Radio, TV, Cable, Hulu, Disney Plus and Net Flix media, so whatever you are watching or listening to is FAKE NEWS, it is The Strong Delusion that is spoken about in the Holy Bible (KJV) 2 Thessalonians 2:11 “Because they received not The Love of The Truth (Who is Jesus), so that they would be saved, God allowed to come upon them a strong delusion so that they would believe in a lie instead, so that all who had pleasure in unrighteousness and believed not in The Truth (Jesus), shall be damned”

    If anyone looks for one piece of Truth to be found in the CoronaCovid-19 Virus Fake Pandemic Delusion, they will find that fear and panic by Media Propaganda has caused people to believe that anything they hear from The Powers that be is true!

    If the media say’s that millions have contacted the CoronaCovid-19 Virus, then you believe it! If they say half a million have died from the CoronaCovid-19 Virus then you believe it! If they said that a friend of a friend of a friend of yours contacted the CoronaCovid-19 then you will believe it and then you will tell a friend this lie and then that friend will tell a friend and so on and so forth!

    If you don’t believe that The Strong Delusion is already here, then why would President Trump bring in Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Dr. Debrorah Birx and the corrupt World Health Organization to run his CoronaCovid-19 Virus Task Force? Where all they did in conjunction with the Fake News Media Outlets was instill lies and fear and panic to the entire world all to push their One World Global GESARA Order upon us!

    (Also either President Trump, Vice President Pence and Q were also fooled by the hidden agenda of the people and organizations they allowed to head their CoronaCovid-19 Virus Task Force or they too are in on it as well, and allowed them to do what they were told to do by the powers that be to run the numbers, so to speak, because this entire Pandemic is nothing more than a practice test run to crunch the numbers for a much larger real event to come one day in the future!)

    The strong Delusion is here and everything we have heard about the CoronaCovid-19 Virus is fake and is nothing more than a man made government psyops operation, a test run to crunch all the numbers so they can evaluate these numbers and and fine tune them for a much larger real psyops operation that is coming sooner than we think! A psyops operation that will completely lock down the country, if not the entire world, in a Big Brother is watching scenario, where snitching on our neighbors for incentives is encouraged and rewarded and where depopulation and population control is the wave of future!

    Where One World Global Order is ruled by the rich elite ruling class and where a One World Global Digital Currency is forced upon society in a mark, a brand, a SKU code or an RFID Chip or a Vaccine of some kind, which would allow its bearer to buy, sell, trade, work, go to school and/or just function in their One World Global Society! A society where there are no longer multiple races or multiple religions, only human being citizens of a One World Global Order, all who worship a One World Global Leader, the fake messiah, the fake jesus, the fake bahu’u’llah, the fake Ptesan-wi, the fake imam mahdi, and the fake Metryea, who will be none other than who the christians call the anti-christ;…written about in the Holy Bible (KJV) in the book of Revelation. “And he deceived them all, all that dwell upon the earth and caused all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and bond to receive his mark, in either their right hand or in their foreheads, so that no one should buy or sell except for those who have his mark, which is the name and number of this beast (the anti-christ), and he caused many, all those who would not take his mark or who would not worship this beast to be killed. Here is Wisdom, let those who have understanding count the number of the beast for it is the number of a man; and his number is 666.” Revelation 13:1-18

    So you see The Strong Delusion is already here, lying apostasy doctrines are being taught daily within our homes and throughout our schools and universities and especially within our government controlled churches! The government controlled media has been polluting and saturating our brains for years with Fake News and their hidden agendas and has gotten so blatantly in our face lately that they do not even bother to hide it anymore because they know that they have pulled the wool so far down over our eyes that we are blinded from the Truth even when it’s right in front of us!

    Tired of being lied to? Want to know what can you can do to get back on track? There is only One Thing Anyone Can Do! “Seek The Truth (Jesus), and The Truth (Jesus, who is God), will set you Free (For Only The Truth of Jesus can Save Our Eternal Spiritual Soul from eternal death and Set Our Spiritual Soul Free from the restraints and lies of our physical human bodies and enlighten us to our True Spiritual Selves!) “Sincerely Believe, Humbly Pray, Be Very Thankful and Repent Daily and Nightly of all of your sins unto The Lord God Jesus Christ, all else is futile and only leads to everlasting death!”

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