Destruction, Prophecy


Ken Roberts

September 12, 2018

It’s time I posted this. I received this in the early morning hours on 7/19/18.

Great destruction is coming to the earth, My son. You and your family will not be prepared for it. NO ONE WILL! Take heed and take warning. THIS WILL NOT BE STOPPED!

My people have NOT listened and they will NOT listen, so MANY will perish. Keep praying on your KNEES, reading and studying My Word.

I, the Father have spoken this, so you know it to be true that these things WILL COME TO PASS.

Prepare yourself, your family and your loved ones the best you can for this GREAT DESTRUCTION. I will NOT relent, I will NOT stop, I will NOT let up UNTIL THE DESTRUCTION IS COMPLETE, thus saith the Lord. Jeremiah 15

It is with a VERY heavy heart that I release this now. We were warned and had been continually warned.


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