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Great Awakening & My Second Hammer – Caroline Diadem

Great Awakening & My Second Hammer

May 16, 2020
Caroline Diadem

12th May 2020 A recent word I received from God about a great spiritual awakening and a second Hammer of judgement.

My first hammer crushes her eastern border

God’s Three Hammers, The Labour is here

Auto Generated Transcript

hi guys how is everybody hope everyone’s
keeping really well
and just got a word from the lord that i
just want to go ahead and share with you
um i received this word on the 11th of
may 2020
so it’s quite it’s a bit long but you
um it’s quite insightful so i’ll just go
ahead and read it
um for you right now okay so a curtain
comes over you a curtain to shut you out
my church will rise in power my church
will push through
because i have a surprise up my sleeve
says the lord
i have a surprise at my sleeve that that
they don’t know about
the church must rise up in power there
will be rising up of my church at this
time for i have ordained it says the
satan will try to push against it but he
will not be able to overcome
my plans for the church at this time for
i have a plan in the earth says the lord
that but he will try and kick against it
but not succeed
he desires to bring down the curtain
is a curtain that has been in times past
the iron curtain is what it was once
but he has it has a desire to bring the
iron curtain
down on the whole world they are waiting
in the wings
the stage the theater is set up they are
waiting to
take the stage and
they desire to rise up on it and this is
a world stage
soon one curtain shall be drawn back and
they will be revealing themselves to the
that they have created this stage for
oh how they desire to take their place
as the lord
but i tell you this there are those of
satan’s henchmen
that i will not permit them to put their
feet on this world stage
i will uproot them and i will pull them
down for the wicked evil doings that
they have done against me
for none shall prosper that unites with
satan’s evil plans
and so not all shall appear as they
because i will uproot them i will take
them out
for their evil plans from henceforth
when they shall appear the world will
not be the same
so that means to say that you know when
these peop when these
um people reveal themselves i
am the lord of the whole earth i will
have my way on the earth
my storm does come before these players
take their place on the world stage
so shall my storm come my storm shall
i will visit oh i will visit be prepared
to be humbled
prepare to tremble i come with my
now i actually was seeing a world where
as the lord was
um speaking that to me so i could see it
was like a very destructive whirlwind
and a storm that you have not seen a
storm that you have not seen up to now
i will shake i will shake my whirlwind
will shake
so structures shall be torn down
with the shaking of my whirlwind and
at that point i was seeing like tall
buildings and that
falling down so it was like a city you
know city that i was seeing
i will take places out i will take
structures down with the fury of my
against those who do evil and abhorrent
things before me
those that mock and dishonor my name and
bring a reproach upon my name and on
on my majesty says the lord the world
will see what i am about to do
know that this is my hand says the lord
your god
because you dishonor me for i am a great
king in the earth
and you do not know honor my majesty
you do not acknowledge my power so you
will see my power in action says the
when i come down to visit you with my
thunder because i will pound you
my fist will come down upon you
you will tremble for the thing that you
will see
the nations will tremble for the things
that they see
what i will do in you who dishonor me in
the midst of the nations
and dishonor my name in the midst of the
i am the god that can humble you and
take the wind
right out of your sails when i bring my
hammer of
righteousness down upon you you will
tremble and the earth will be split open
look at the horrors you have done
against me the wickedness you have done
against me
it reaches to the bowels of the earth
says the lord
you bring wicked curses upon yourselves
and i sensed at that point i sensed like
a large damn breaking
bursting i saw the valley and i saw the
trees in the kind of
valley it’s like a green trees in this
valley and i just
sensed this damn bursting at that point
you have exhausted my mercy your
rises before me as a stench in my
and i can no longer forebear i sent my
many warnings
my many prophets to you but how
deaf you are how deaf you are you commit
abominations before me
you have your death camps in the earth
i see everything saith the lord i will
repay you
payday is coming your payday the one you
don’t want to see
you will not be able to wash this one
away says the lord
it’s time to turn repent turn before
it’s too late
this will go down in the annals of
so that was the word i got and then the
mood changed
and just at this point now i was what it
was was i
i had i was praying out in tongues the
lord had just come upon me and i felt
the anointing to pray in tongues
and i was getting this as interpretation
of tongues okay
and so then the mood changed right so
and then i was feeling
the heartbreak and sadness and upset of
the lord
at this point right i weep for your
great nation
you have broken my heart says the lord i
am dismayed at the judgment i bring
saith the lord
i am so dismayed you’ve broken my heart
you who once loved me
you who i once blessed and prospered
above all the nations
you’ve broken my heart i’m dismayed at
your punishment that must come
but the lord says i can no longer
the wickedness cries out to me your
wickedness cries out to me
this is my second hammer that comes to
you says the lord
and it shall bring distress and it
breaks my heart
it breaks my heart to do this says the
lord but you’ve been weighed
on my scales of justice you’ve been
weighed and found wanting
this comes this comes i stretch out my
hand to perform
my word for i am the god that performs
all my word
all my judgments that i have spoken i
will perform saith the lord
this is the time when my judgments will
go forth in the earth
but i will bring people unto myself i
will bring people onto myself says the
this will be the day of my great
in the midst of this trial in the midst
of this distress
this will be the day of the great
awakening to the nations
saith the lord once again i will shake
heaven and earth
but in the midst of this will come a
great awakening
i promise saith the lord you will see
the nations returning to me
you will see islamic nations turning to
me saith the lords
they will come in you will see many
nations turning to me
and i will have a remnant from every
said the lord in the midst of severe
there will be great awakening
so that’s the message that i got um
yeah you know i mentioned there that
well the lord said
there that this is his second hammer and
i have another video
um talking about the three hammers
coming on the earth so
maybe have a look at that um video as
well because it’s connected
you know um yeah so i just
you know when we see kind of the
unveiling and
like we see now some of the plans of the
wicked being made you know what i mean
and it’s kind of coming before us you
um it’s kind of alarming and shocking
um you know we’ve heard of you know a
lot of people have heard of conspiracy
theories in the past is that and the
other but
when you really look into it and you
begin to see that there really is
evil plans in motion and in action and
and these people are trying to strive
for illegitimate power
and you know they’re trying to usurp the
democratic process and they’re trying to
usurp you know the constant the american
constitution for example
the human rights you know even our own
you know and so forth you know you can
something evil and sinister is is going
on you know it’s confirmed
and i can it kind of makes me understand
now why god has to exercise judgment
if satan was just to go ahead with these
plans and to bring in his b
system and um the global
system you know what i mean um and the
mark of the beast and everything
um you know like if he raced just into
that without god just
you know doing something to delay it
you know it would just be horrendous you
know what i mean people would just
absolutely not be prepared you know um
and you know how many people would be
saved you know so it just makes me think
maybe this is an interruption and i have
been praying myself and i do encourage
you to pray that
you know that god would just hold back
the pre plans of the enemy and
delay his plans and you know what he
what he desires to do
you know and yes so that’s the word and
do pray about it
and you know get your own confirmations
on that you know
um i believe that the lord has given me
confirmations of this i believe it’s
confirming you know other people have
confirmed it to me
as well you know so um god bless you all
just stay
you know stay with the lord and let us
continue to pray and
and you know just watch the you know
what’s going on in this season and
you know we just have to trust the lord
for direction in the midst of everything
that’s going on
you know and it’s you know it makes you
makes me angry you know to see the the
plans of the enemy and what he’s trying
to do
um you know but our guard gets a victory
you know if they
that’s that’s the end game that the lord
wins with the battle you know
so praise god thank you all for your
support and kindness and your comments
you know i really appreciate it
and just stay blessed and i’ll be back
on here soon again bye


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