Grave Danger: November Madness – Ali Winters

Grave Danger: November Madness

18 Jul 2020 01:03 AM PDT
Ali Winters

For our transgressions are multiplied before You and our sins testify against us. And we know our iniquities; transgressing and denying qthe LORD and turning away from our God, speaking oppression and revolt, conceiving in and uttering from the heart lying words. Justice is turned back and righteousness stands away; for truth has stumbled in the street and unrighteousness cannot enter. [Isaiah 59:12-15]

‘A highly destructive storm is nearing the shores of our nation. The storm is real, imminent and growing more menacing every day. From the halls of the ‘privileged elite’ within our government to the irresponsible liberal churches, fomented by the hand of a decadent culture that has turned morality and civility on its head to the final storm bearing down upon us; international powers of darkness and evil that are determined to see America destroyed, [Russia, China, North Korea, Iran and other Islamic nations] the threat can no longer be ignored. One of the most frightening aspects of the approaching storm, the apathy fueled by leftist political and religious leaders, as well as the news media. Their shared goal is to convince the American people there really is no approaching storm and that by bringing in a socialist program; by embracing their progressive agendas all our problems will vanish.'

The article ended with this ominous warning: ‘No quick fix is possible. Our nation’s only hope and recourse is to repent of the sins that are destroying us, fall on the mercies of God, and seek the shelter of His blessed protection. But time is running out.’ David R. Barnhart/summer 2016

Grave danger awaits the nation, plans are even now being made for a November madness. The great divide, deception rules the heart of man, taking the nation on a path of no return unless America repent of her sin she will likewise perish. Democratic against Republican, black against white, good against evil, wrong against right, the lie against the truth… the darkness continues to spread. Grievous days are ahead, hatred, strife – My people perish for lack of wisdom; darkness fills the church pews and church pulpits; the cries of the liberal left fill My house.

The righteous must rise, apathy and sedentary spirituality render you ineffective. Darker days are ahead, much turmoil awaits the nation. Awake child of God, prepare for battle. The war fierce, souls lost, lives forever changed, families ripped apart…but I will keep those in perfect peace whose heart and mind is stayed on Me. [Isaiah 26:3] – your only hope is in JESUS Christ the LORD. The nations roar, men fainting for fear, and for expectation of the things which are coming on the world: for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. Remain steady in the midst of the chaos. I protect and provide for those that belong to Me.

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  1. Marc

    Is it POSSIBLE, to actually prepare food?
    Is it unfaithful to prepare in ALL our ways?
    Why doesn’t every watchman tell us prepare in prayer and food?????
    Why a disconnect on physical activity,???
    Noah’s actually prepared.
    Joseph really prepared…big time.
    I’M only saying God is warning…only to pray, nothing physical needed?..did I miss the point, we are only to pray.

  2. Eyes Open

    Great points Marc. I think we are foolish NOT to prepare best way we can. God expects us to do our best and trust Him to do the rest. We partner WITH God to accomplish His purposes and His will on earth. Even to the end. Gods will be done. Just like Jesus did. Jesus prepared himself through prayers especially in garden of gethsemane but also through actions….last supper….and all it’s symbolism etc We need to be equipped to do Gods will and help others til the end. How can we help others ….feed them…clothe them….shelter them….hide them ….etc if we have nothing in store to give? Book of Acts church shared all they had with each other ….many in hiding…to survive and spread gospel. So must we.

  3. Mark you are in effect saying what the Lord told Wendi Lee and here is it regarding how or if to prepare and this is the word …Message from King Yeshua 2 Mar 19 ….. My dearest daughter Wendi Lee, hear My Words and write what God Yeshua says to My Children.
    Gear up and ready yourselves to ride upon the troubled winds on My Earth.
    You can see as the evil is encircling all that is good and calling it evil.
    Was not this written? Children, I AM in control and I hear all of your prayers for the
    lost ones in your families and for My Babies who are being murdered by the laws of men.

    God Jehovah has warned about the love of many waxing cold.
    Well, I ask you, can you see that sin is so very rampant on My Earth?
    If I AM doesn’t intervene, man will sin himself into oblivion.
    Is this not the days of Noah?
    Men are reprobate and God will give them over as they do not want Me to save themselves.

    I still work in those who are mine and do not think I have forgotten about any of you
    for I will never forget who are Mine.
    I have a special place for just You in My Heavenlies. Yes I do.

    This life is full of testings and trials. but My
    Children, they are strengthening you for what is to come.
    I tell you, they will soon be outlawing Me everywhere and they will come for My Own.

    I AM your hiding place.
    Is there anything too difficult for Your King?
    Though your flesh may be touched, it will not harm
    you. For you are strong in Me.
    Understand? This is what My Early Church leaned upon, Me, for they knew I was the
    Only One who loved them so much that I died for each of them.
    And oh how they loved Me and how they didn’t love their fleshly lives to the death.
    For once I take your spirit home, you are with Me in My Heavenlies forever.

    Have faith My Saints. They will take you into mock courts and will bear false witness against you.
    Have I not said this in My Word? Yet many of you think that My Bride will not suffer.
    Where is that in My Holy Word, My Children?

    Persecution is coming to this nation of Babylon. Persecution is coming very quickly.
    Be ready. Stand strong. Pay attention to what My Holy Spirit is leading you to do,
    not one-size-fits-all, my saints. Understand?

    I have given many visions to Wendi Lee and other of My Messengers, many of persecution in
    this nation I AM has richly blessed and I say it will be no more. I have My Faithful
    still in this wicked country for My Light will shine through the wicked darkness. Nothing
    can put out your light if you live for Me.

    If you have chosen not to give your all to Me, then you shall go through much tribulation.
    For I must refine you and prepare you to enter into the Kingdom of God. This is all
    for now. Be ready.Be vigilant for persecution is being opened up from the enemy.
    Trust me, My Beloved Saints,trust your Faithful and True King Yeshua HaMashiach.
    So much love.

    King Yeshua, The Great I AM, Messiah Jesus

  4. Kashmere T

    Marc, you definitely should prepare physically and spiritually. Stock water, food and supplies NOW!


    God, has told my wife and I to pray and to stay close to him but to also prepare food and water. There is nothing wrong with doing that.

  6. A mim Deus me manda preparar física, mentalmente e espiritualmente. Em Lucas diz claramente prepara-te para que possas estar em pé no dia do Senhor. Quando nos manda vigiar, manda-nos estar atentos e preparados. Alimento, plantação, bem estar físico e psíquico e claro toda a armadura de Deus.
    Deu-me um mandamento para passar aos irmão.
    O mandamento é: Antecipem pela ação. Preparem-se e Arrependam-se.
    O arrependimento implica mudança, mudança de comportamento e pensamento.

  7. Anonymous

    Marc you’re right! Noah and Joseph prepared and so must you. Go with your decernment as Holy Father always says to me, matter of fact God warned me years ago to prepare, to pack water, food, and supplies. Be the Wise Virgin and prepare both Spiritually and Physically. God bless!💖

  8. Marc

    Yes.. prepare in all our ways…always praying, thanking God for his blessings.
    And I will prepare food basics for others God wants me to help…in his guidance.
    Thank you brothers and sisters..amen

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