Grace is Ending – Darrell and Debbie Sansom

Grace is Ending

Jul 30, 2019, 6:45 PM
Darrell and Debbie Sansom


This is a word from the Lord that came through Darrell on Friday, June 7, 2019.

For a while, days, before this word, I had been travailing before the Lord. I felt in my spirit that drawing of the Lord. There was a burden to spend time before the Lord. It was an intense time before the Lord. The word travailing seems to describe it best. It was a deep time with the Lord. Desiring to be more holy. Desiring to be more intimate with the Lord. Desiring to know Him in a deeper way. Desiring to hear His voice more. It was most certainly a time of wanting to go much deeper with the Lord.

Then, on Friday, I went out to mow so that I could keep my body busy but have some time before the Lord. I could feel the drawing again to go deeper with Him. I spent a few hours with the Lord and then came in. I sat in my chair and was focused on the Lord. At one point I sat forward and put my face in my hands to focus a little more. Lily saw me and went to Deb and asked if I was alright. Deb then asked me if everything was ok and I responded with, yes, I was just focusing on the Lord. Then the presence of the Lord settled on me.

For some reason, and I have seen it on others, when the presence of the Lord settles on me, it is hard to hold back the tears. The heavier the presence, the deeper the emotion goes and at times it is a labor to even breath. When the Lord told me, on May 2, 2018, that we would be here during the next 911 event, I cried harder than I had ever cried in my life. And I thought at times that His presence would crush me. It was a very laborious time in trying to breath, but I knew in my mind and in my spirit that He would sustain me, which He always does.

And on Friday, June 7, that presence was again on me and this is what came forth:
Something is going to happen. We should be before the Lord, is what I feel and what I think. Something much bigger is getting ready to happen (when I said this, the presence of the Lord came on me in a very powerful way and I was struggling with every breath). Something bigger is getting ready to happen. And we should be before the Lord getting ready, crying out before the Lord to be ready. Getting our minds, our spirits focused where we can stand. And I have been feeling it for a while. While I was on the mower, I kept feeling like I needed to come in and travail before the Lord, just cry out, to plead before the Lord that He would sustain us. That He would provide, protect, that He would be our God and that we would be His children. We have to, have to, have to be before the Lord. Apparently, something is getting ready to happen. We must stay intimate before the Lord, that is the only way we will be prepared for whatever comes. (Then the presence of the Lord came on me even greater) It is going to make a believer out of so many people! It is going to make a believer! There will be some that refuse to believe but there will be some that have their eyes opened!

I praise you Father. I praise you my God! I worship you! You are my Lord, my God, my Savior. You are my everything. Save us Lord! Save us! Let your people see Father. Let your holy ones be protected. Let your people see. This will surely wake them up! Oh, surely, the Lord has spoken. Let their doubt be removed Lord, let their doubt be removed. Let them call on your name Father, let them call on your name. Let them know your love Father. Let them know that your heart is for them. Let them know that you speak, that we hear, and that You hear our voices. You hear our cries and you are our Father. And you are near, that You care, and Your heart is for us. That you care for us and that you desire for us to know You. And it is so, so real that we can hear from You. That it is not a one-way street. Praise You Father! Praise You Lord Jesus! Praise You Holy Spirit! Hosanna! Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord! Blessed are we when we come in the name of the Lord. Oh, what a blessing to walk in faith, to believe, to be a full believer. Not having unbelief within us. Not being partly an unbeliever. But to believe. To believe in You Lord. To trust you. That we can place everything in you, in your hands. For You know the plans you have for us, because you love us, not to cause harm, to give us hope, to give us a future, hope to walk in that faith. Oh, that faith is everything. It is incredible. It is what our Lord walked in. It sustained Him, guided Him, and protected Him. It gave Him strength. He stood against everything, in that faith. That’s what we must have. We must stand in it. We must not waiver. We must believe. Who cares what else happens? Who cares what comes against us? We stand in that faith and we believe! We believe! We believe! We believe! Nothing else matters! Today Father, I declare I believe in You! I believe in You! You are everything! And nothing, nothing else matters. Absolutely, nothing else matters. Oh, to walk in that assurance! The love, the confidence, the trust, the faith. Oh, the faith. We must have it. We must have the faith. If you don’t, get it! If you don’t walk in it, learn to walk in it. Learn to walk in it! It is what will sustain you. It will be your, your confidence, your protection, your everything. Don’t let anything deter your faith. Nothing! No hardship. No whippings. No scourging’s. No crowd of 10,000. Don’t let it deter your faith. Believe! Believe! Believe! In the Lord God Almighty. For He is Great. He is greater than all. The word says, “That my Father is above all, is greater than all. No one can take you out of His hand. No one! That tells you where He stands. There is no greater. Put your faith in Him. Get in the palm of His hand and stay there. Do not walk out. Do not leave. Stay in the palm, in the hand of the Father. Don’t look to the left of the right. Look to the Father. Stay in His hand. Believe! Believe! Believe! If you are lacking, worship. Seek Him. Read. Seek Him with all that you have. Moan, groan, cry out, travail. Do whatever it takes. Seek Him. For He is worthy. He is worthy. What you find there will be greater than anything else, greater than anything else you can find. Seek Him. Seek Him while He may be found. Oh, that door is closing. Seek Him. Grow close. Run to Him. Seek Him with all that you have. Shun all else and seek Him. While that door is open. Oh, God! It is like His grace is ending. The door is shutting. There will be few that come in. That road is so narrow. It is lined with unbelief. People falling off left and right, because they don’t want to believe. They want to hang strongly to their own belief, their own concepts, their own understanding, their own wisdom. And there is One greater than all. There is One who has the understanding. He has the knowledge, the wisdom. And it flows from Him. It flows from His throne because He sits on His throne. If you want that, you must go to His throne. It doesn’t originate with any man. If a man has it, it was imparted by the Lord God Almighty. It was given as a gift. It was imparted. It was allowed from the throne room of God. And it must be sought for there. It doesn’t come from this world. If any man claims that he has wisdom and he has understanding and he doesn’t hear the voice, he doesn’t know the Lord, he is a fool! He knows nothing! Life itself flows from the Father. It flows from the Lord Jesus Christ. It flows from the Holy Spirit. It comes from no other source. We will either find it there or we will not find it. It is a river that flows from Him. But we must seek Him. Salvation is found in Him alone. Men seek salvation through their own understanding, through their own gospel. AND IT IS NOT FOUND THERE! We will either be found intimate with the Lord, or we will not be found … at all.

This is a follow up to the word from the Lord on June 7th. (There will be 2 more once I have them typed up)

That evening, I wanted to go out to eat with Deb to spend some alone time and discuss what had happened. We went to Outback. When we were leaving, we ran into a family. We joked a little and then headed on to the truck. From that moment on, I couldn’t get the mom out of my mind.

(It was a lot like the 911 event where I couldn’t get the site of the twin towers out of my mind and then the Lord spoke and showed me what was going to happen)

All of her kids are older than me and she is the matriarch of the family.

Now some history: The last time I saw her, I was sharing some things with her about what is coming, and she said, “Oh, I hope the Lord takes me before all of that.” The presence of the Lord settled on me right then and He told me that He would honor her for the life that she has lived before Him and that He would take her before then. I shared that with her then and I have thought many times about sharing that with her son and telling him to spend as much time with her as possible but they probably already spend a great amount of time together, so I never mentioned it.

Now back to Friday night. Even though she kept popping up in my mind, I kept putting it aside. When I went to bed that night, I spent some time with the Lord and was praying. Before I went to sleep, I asked the Lord if He would give me a timing on when this event would happen. (He told me once that He never sets dates because then His enemy would know His plan and He would have to deal with that). I didn’t expect a date but was hoping He would give me a dream or something that would give me more detail about when it would happen.

Then about 1 am the Lord woke me up. I laid there in bed thinking about everything and praying about everything and again, this lady and our past conversation kept popping up in my mind. At 1:30 am I got up and sat in my chair and starting spending time with the Lord. Around 2 am the Lord revealed to me the timing of the event. He said, when he takes this lady, that will be a sign to me that it is time for this event. Then, in my spirit, I saw 3 blocks. Really, I saw 2 blocks but knew the 3rd one was there. The first had weeks on it. The second one had months on it. And in my spirit, I knew that the 3rd one had years on it. I tried to settle on the block that had weeks on it but couldn’t. I then moved to the block that had months on it and was able to settle on that one. I couldn’t even begin to move to the block that had years on it. The Lord let me know then that we did not have years left but months.

While this was all happening, the presence of the Lord was there. I then got up and went to our bedside and woke Deb up. While I was trying to tell her, the presence of the Lord was on me to the point that I could barely talk. After she got up and I was able to relate to her all that had just happened, I told her I needed to wake the girls up and tell them. She wanted to wait on that, but I told her it wouldn’t wait.

So, I woke the girls up and told them they needed to get their focus right. Even if they needed to set everything else aside, they needed to focus completely on the Lord and make sure they stayed intimate with Him.

So now I will tell you the same thing. You need to get and stay intimate with the Lord. You need to be able to hear His voice. You need to have His protection covering you. That protection is found in walking holy before Him.

In what is coming, your warfare will be through worship. Your covering will be by the blood of the Lamb. And if you are not walking holy before the Lord, you will endure the wrath of the Lord’s enemy. And if you are not walking with the Lord, you will go through His refinement. While His intimate one’s are protected, everyone else will go through His refinement. That truth will be unavoidable. That truth will reveal all. Now is the time to get it right. The door of grace is closing. In months, time will be up.

~ Darrell

Here is the 2nd follow-up to the Word that the Lord gave me on Friday June 7, 2019. This is what the Lord was speaking to Deb while He was sharing the Word, posted earlier, to me.
While Darrell was speaking it seemed as though God was showing His love through Darrell, but I was seeing His anger. I could hear the Lord saying, “How dare you stand in your pride and arrogance”. God was saying “If you knew Me you would know My prophets.” Like He did in the days of Moses, the earth is going to open up and swallow the doubters and scoffers. The other thing that kept coming back up in my spirit, over and over, was that the event is going to be so big… like look for the words “Intergalactic event”
(This is just a side note that keeps coming to mind while typing all of this up. On May 2, 2018, the Lord spoke to me in a very powerful way and told me that we would be here during the next 911 event. I then saw a gash in the earth that went from the Northeast corner of Arkansas all the way up to the site of the twin towers. That is over 900 miles long. Its shape was like someone took a double-edged sword that is over 900 miles wide and shoved it into the ground and then pulled it back out. The Lord did not share what caused this opening in the earth, but He did let me know that everyone in its path would die immediately. It would cause a great loss of life. It would appear to me that this is possibly something else. All of this really shows that we had all better be spending time in the presence of the Lord … daily.)

Also, a few day later, Deb and I were eating lunch and discussing things and the presence of the Lord came and He shared, through Deb, what a prophet is (that will be the 4th follow up) and then the following:
The Lord is not showing me any details other than it’s just going to be something that will be big. It will be something that will be of great magnitude. Something that has never been seen before. Intimacy with the Lord will be what sustains you. I feel like the Lord is saying any physical preparing will be in vain. I feel like these images of people being overtaken by various things, being overtaken by floods, fire, violence, electrical storms, tornados, volcanoes, it is like it will all come at one time. One other thing I feel like the Lord is saying, is that the joy of the Lord will be your strength and the hand of the Lord will be your protection.
~ Darrell

3rd Follow-up

While eating lunch with Deb, a few days after the word the Lord gave me about something big coming, the Lord started speaking to Deb as we discussed what is coming and so many not believing that anything is coming and especially that people don’t hear from the Lord anymore. This is what the Lord shared:

A prophet is one who does not seek their own glory, but they seek to continually glorify the Lord. They have no desire to point anyone to themselves but to the Father. The walk of a prophet is the same as the walk that Jesus walked. He was a man full of sorrows and acquainted with grief. That is what a prophet walks in. We will know, you will know a prophet when you see someone, who, despite the pain and despite the grief, despite the things they have to walk through, they always glorify the Lord in all that they do and all that they say. A prophet is one who guides and directs the people. A prophet will point out sin, deception, corruption, rebellion. A prophet is one who warns of the judgments that are coming. They will cry out on behalf of the people. Their hearts are tormented because they see the destruction before the people. Noah was a prophet who was continually tormented over the sin and rebellion of the people of his day. But his walk was continually glorifying the Father. Preparing and doing those things that he was told to do. Never wavering. He saw the deliverance of the Lord and he rejoiced in that. That is what a prophet is. The prophet knows that, while he is here, his burden will be heavy, but great is the reward of the prophet. Greatly will they rejoice when they see the deliverance of the Father. They will rejoice and magnify the name of the Lord. A prophet must learn to separate themselves from the rejection of the people, because truly the rejection is not of the prophet, the people are rejecting the Lord, not the prophet. A prophet needs to learn how to not take things personally. A prophet needs to learn to let go of their grievances. There is much required of a prophet. To whom much is given there is much required.

~ Darrell


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