Grace Comes To An End – Whitney Eslick Manuel

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Grace Comes To An End

March 11, 2023 4:58 PM
Whitney Eslick Manuel

I received this word on 3-11-23 around 5:30pm.

“Where are MY chosen ones who will hearken to MY words, who will hasten after MY spoken word, MY word spoken in due season? In this season, in this time, this time of now. Now, all is fulfilled. All has come to pass. All is as it was spoken in the past. Courage is needed for this hour. Courage and grace. MY SPIRIT is full of courage and grace, both to give and to impart in MY chosen ones and in all who will come and bow down at MY feet. This time is passing. This hour is finishing. Soon it will be no more and a new hour will be upon the people of the Earth. An hour not desired, an hour of great doom. This doom is not tenable; it will not be endured. This hour brings about destruction that has not been known since the beginning of time. All will perish who have not hidden themselves in ME. All will die without hope. This destruction is cruel and complete. So are the lost who have not known ME or MY SON. It is finished. It is completed. Grace comes to an end~”

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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