Grace and Holiness – Tess Ann Macallister

Tess Ann Macallister

Grace and Holiness

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today?

Yes, daughter, I do. I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. Daughter this is the Lord Jesus that speaks to you this day. This is Yahushua Hamasiach speaking. Daughter, I have a message today for my bride (my people) and also a message for those who reject me. This message is not for the lukewarm. My children my Bride, I address you today as your friend and soon coming bridegroom. My dear people, nothing can save you but my grace. You are saved by grace through faith alone. My word clearly states that only grace saves. You cannot get into heaven by works or anything else. Eternal life is a free gift of salvation. I expect my children to be holy, not perfect. None of you are perfect. However, without holiness, you will not enter my kingdom. You must live a holy life according to my will and plans for your life. The only thing that can save you from hell is my shed blood on a cross. I already paid the price for all of your sins all you have to do is believe, receive, repent (daily) live holy and live for me. It is very simple. Too many people complicate and try to teach a works salvation which is NOT the way to eternal life with me. It is your responsibility to seek me directly on your knees and to have a relationship with me. When I come for you in the rapture I am only taking those that know me and that have a relationship with me. All else will be left behind. I am only coming for my remnant bride. My HOLY children. The rest will be left behind. Children this is the hour of choices. What is your choice me and my everlasting kingdom or the world? The age of grace is coming to a close. Once I remove my remnant bride from the Earth all hell will break loose sudden destruction will happen and the tribulation will begin. This is a serious message to wake you up!!!! I want you to be ready, not lukewarm. I am not a harsh God I am a holy and just God. Children, you are the last generation before the church age ends. Are you truly ready to enter my kingdom and give an account of your life to me and the father? You are not going to live on earth forever. Your life is temporary and fleeting on the Earth. If today was the last day of your physical earth life how would you be prepared for eternity ???? Think this over very carefully. My children, the current mortal flesh you are in is not going to last forever. It is temporary. When you leave this Earth you will find yourself standing before me and my father giving an account of your life on this Earth. Prepare yourselves for this day is coming fast. Those of you who are rapture ready will not see physical death but will be transformed in an instant. You will not be condemned. Condemnation is not for my bride. I am a God full of compassion, mercy, grace, love, truth, and purity. But I am also holy and just. Prepare for my return, my children.

Now I have a message for those reject, hate, mock, scoff, and make fun of me. You think hell is a joke ?? Testing the GREAT I AM ??? I have reserved a deep place of absolute agony and torment for you. Eternity will be super painful for you WOE UNTO YOU MOCKERS AND SCOFFERS. America much sorrow, chaos, death, destruction,sadness and wrath is coming to yourt wicked prideful nation WOE BE UNTO BABYLON THE GREAT !!!!

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