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Governmental Transition is Looming soon

June 10, 2022 6:23 AM
Sammy Omosh

This man has been in politics for three decades and has sought the presidency for a quarter of a century without success,though he is loved so much by many folks.On 6/6/22 at 5.56am,i woke up from a dream in which i was with some folks away from my usual place of residence.I was aware i was away and hence not able to participate in voting.I could see the exact location i was.Then a caravan of celebrants passed along where we were standing-We were away from any radar of communication,as the vision presented itself.So we inquired from them as to who has won in the polls-”is it AZIMIO one kenya coalition or UDA kenya kwanza?”And they replied in unison ”IT IS AZIMIO.” And there was an outburst of celebration that enveloped the entire country.

In that particular vision i heard by voice”THE OUTGOING PRESIDENT WILL HAND OVER POWER TO THE INCOMING PRESIDENT.”All this happens when judgment on a Nation is lifted off due to Repentance and prayer.In the recent past,have seen a prayer caravan going across the 47 counties in the media.

This vision is not a licence to stop praying and seeking the Lord before we go to the polls.There have been pockets of prayer warriors praying for this country{in the shadows and away from the public limelight.}

Remember the vision of 2013-A Stranger appearing before me and telling me ”Raila is still going to be the president.”And the vion of 2017 Aug 7th[Election night]- I saw Raila Odinga inside state house and a banquet held in his honour.I personally found myself inside State house and saw the Foreign dignitary arriving by the minute to witness this Historic moment on the Nation,s calendar.This will culminate in a silver jubilee celebration that Baba finally bagged in the ultimate golden price at long last-THE COUNTRY,S COMMANDER IN CHIEF AT LONG LAST!

In this dream too i see myself E-mailing this to Bro Jonathan and there is a sigh of relief to me,coz of the heavy messages of jugment that i was led to pass through for a long time.Honestly i didn,t like writing them,but i had to be obedient and not try to please any one in the process.Lets continue to pray for God,s mercy over the LAND!Remember the OT Pattern where God pronounces judgment on rebellious Israel,then she humbles herself,repents and seeks the Lord and judgments is shelfed off! SO LET IT BE.COUP,DEATH OF THE PRINCE, BLOODSHED were forms of judgment to come that GOD would have allowed to vist us.NOT FORGETTING ”NO ELECTIONS AND EVEN AN ACTING PRESIDENT IN BETWEEN.

Praise,Glory,Honour to the God of I srael who fights for us.[Ex14:14] JUDGES7:7-With the 300 men who lapped,i will save you and give the Midianites into your hand.

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