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GOING BACK FOR RESCUE – Averine Pennington



March 6, 2022 9:43 PM
Averine Pennington


On Saturday morning, I had a dream. Upon awakening, I could remember very little. At the very end of the dream, soldiers were preparing to go back into harm’s way on a rescue mission. I felt the dream had spiritual significance because of ‘who’ I distinctly remembered joining the soldiers on their upcoming mission. So, I prayed, asking the Lord to repeat the dream if it was important. He did!

This morning, Sunday, I awoke from the following dream:

I was part of a Special Ops Team that had just returned from behind enemy lines. However, the enemy was not soldiers from another nation but rather some sort of creatures of great strength. They were hideous if seen in their real bodies but could morph to appear as humans. They reminded me of the ‘evil armies’ that were in the movie ‘Lord of the Rings.’ Their commander was none other than the devil himself who I have seen and encountered in other dreams. The battlefield my team had just returned from was walled. The stone wall was very tall and thick and looked ancient . . . not a new modern wall. It had definitely been standing for quite some time.

A makeshift ‘field headquarters’ had been set up just outside the wall where those of us who had been fighting were getting food and water, refilling canteens, stocking up on weapons, etc. There was little time to rest as my entire squad of 10-12 soldiers knew we would be going back soon for our next rescue. Our method of operation was not to openly engage the enemy at any time, but we had been trained to work in stealth mode. Our mission was to rescue those who could be identified as ‘still human’ that were trapped inside enemy territory (caught in satan’s snare).

As my team was preparing to go back behind enemy lines, a commander came forward and said he would be joining us on our next mission. We tried to dissuade him as we felt he would compromise our mission. We would then be responsible for his safety and protection, and he would most definitely draw attention to our group. There was no place he would not be readily recognized.

[At this point in the dream, I had a vision of a young girl . . . cold, hungry, and all alone. She was arising from her resting place on a log at the edge of a swampy area located somewhere behind the wall. She was putting on a dirty hooded coat that she had evidently used to cover herself while resting. I knew ‘in the Spirit’ that this young girl was our next mission.]

The commander would not be dissuaded. He began to prepare himself, gathering from the supplies on a table in front of us those things he would need for the rescue mission. When my team realized he was determined to go with us, there was a moment when our flurried activity came to a sudden halt. In the stillness, this man looked us straight in the face and said with great authority, “It’s time.” That man was none other than President Donald Trump.

End of dream.

Folks, we are on the cusp of a new reality. We must ‘WAKE UP’ to the fact that war is on our doorstep. I’m not talking about a physical war, although I believe that too is imminent. I’m talking about the spiritual war that has been ongoing since the rebellion of Lucifer when he said, ‘I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ This fight has been raging for millennia! Now that it is drawing to a conclusion, the battle is fierce! Our enemy is no longer going to operate in the shadows, but his strongholds are becoming more and more visible. I’m sure this dream has multiple applications for the times we are presently living in, but I would like to share some of the insights I received.

Special Ops Team = Part of God’s Army/Prayer Warriors operating in Stealth Mode

The Creatures/Enemy = Not of this World/Supernatural Forces

Our Battlefield = the World
Wall = Stronghold from Ancient Times

Young Girl = America (young nation); cold, hungry & ALONE (other nations will not come to help)

Girl’s Location = Edge of a Swamp/Washington D.C./Government controlled by the Enemy

Trump = Going Back for Rescue accompanied by Special Ops Team (Covered by Intense Prayer)

Only God knows what plans He has destined President Trump to complete, plans that will affect not only America but perhaps the entire world. I do not presume to know the part Trump will play in what is unfolding . . . whether it is for good OR part of God’s judgment on the rebellious nation of America. We must at all costs be faithful to OUR CALLING. We must be about our Father’s business, praying that His will be done on earth as it is in heaven. I believe Prayer Warriors are being alerted that now is not the time to slack off. We must be sober and vigilant! Our battle is NOW . . . not sometime in the future!

I have the feeling God’s Army may not be operating in ‘Stealth Mode’ much longer. Are you ready to take to the battlefield and ‘Openly’ engage our adversary? Will you run, or will you fight against a ‘hideous’ supernatural enemy of great strength? I believe this dream also indicates something about the harvest. The rescue team needed the discernment to recognize those who were ‘still human’ and therefore redeemable. If the enemy can morph to look just like a human . . . only the Holy Spirit will be able to lead you to those you are called to rescue. Have your ears been trained to hear the Holy Spirit and follow His directions? You cannot go onto the battlefield without Him! The VISION inside of the dream represents the leading of the Holy Spirit! We will receive instructions pertaining to each mission, at the time the instructions are needed. Does this dream portend Trumps return? I do not know! I just know that if God gave it to me twice, it is significant. It is time for Special Ops to do their job!

NOW is the time to be courageous. The battle is not ours, but belongs to the Lord! Sometimes an army gets weary and needs to find that place of RE-SUPPLY! Seek the Lord and let His Holy Spirit fill you to overflowing! Be refreshed . . . but BE READY to head back immediately into the fray! The harvest is great, and the workers are few. As long as we are ‘On Mission’ . . . as long as it takes for the harvest to be gathered, we must keep ‘Going Back for Rescue.’ We have read the end of the book, and WE WIN!

Yours for the Harvest,

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