Judgment, Prophecy

Godshealer7 03/02/17

By Godshealer7


Listen to what the Spirit says hear these words… judgments coming to your nation And your very house and all peoples of the earth. Earthquakes seas roaring the trees will bow before me. The winds will speak my name. Your travel routes will be submerged, inequity abounds. Many still unrepentant after all my warnings eyes and ears still closed to the truth. Many will perish for they would rather hear and believe the lies than know and have understanding of the truth. Proud not willing to humble themselves. Seeing the signs everywhere mockers scoffers of my word of my chosen people of my messengers and prophets following after men instead of GOD…fighting causing strife and discord among the brethern. Speaking and accusing their brothers and sisters falsely, showing no love. But instead envy and jealously. I see into men’s hearts I know their motives .this behavior will not go unpunished I am King and judge. Be careful what your mouth speaksYOU WILL STAND BEFORE ME I WILL REVIEW EACH WORD UTTERED no one will escape my wrath. listen what the Spirit says change your ways and LIve


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