Early on the 17th March 2018, the Lord said just one word ‘Godshealer’. I sat down and inquired of Him and He said this :
I want you to know that Godshealer will come to be with Me soon. She has completed all I asked of her. She is My special daughter. She has endured much in recent days. When she comes to Me, there will be things released upon the earth that she has prophesied of. They will come. There are specific things. Find out.
I did not know much about sister Barbra when the Lord said this to me. He said “find out” what specific things she has prophesied because they will be released upon the earth when she passes on. So I have been endeavouring to do just that. No easy task as there are a lot of videos.
She has been prophesying a specific message on You tube since September 2015 . She finishes each video by announcing the coming of the Glorious Kingdom and His Majesty having being told by the Lord to do so starting September 24, 2015 and continuing until April 6, 2019. Which is 1290 days.
This is the woman who, when she was 6 or 7 yrs old, just learning how to read, the Lord spoke to, telling her she should study the book of Revelation because she would be alive when all the things spoken of in that Book would take place.
2 days ago brother Jeff Byerly sent me a link to Godshealer 7 where she declares that she and brother Dan are to be martyred.
This is extremely sobering. After hearing this, I knew I had to share with you what the Lord said.
So I am here bearing witness that sister Barbra is a prophetess sent from God. I pray Gods blessing and peace be upon her and husband Dan, may He sustain and strengthen them both for the trial ahead.
Below is a list
The great nation Babylon destroyed
The Destroyer will visit America
Prophecy/vision of nuclear reactor meltdown in US
Christian leaders arrested and removed
Nuclear reactor meltdown In US
Blizzards, fires and floods Judgement on USA for abortions.
Russia, China, Korea and Iran will come against America.
Manhatten, NY under water
Catastrophic volcano eruption in the USA
Nuclear War
Plague, pandemic
Tsunami Southwestern California
Beast and false prophet revealed
3 days of darkness
Quakes causing the ice shelf to break
Cataclysmic event
This is by no means a complete list. I have gone through much of the list of You tube video reading the headings.
What I want to point out here, is many of these prophecies are directly concerning America. America has been my own prophetic calling since the Lord awakened me to the lateness of the hour some 8 or so years ago.
For the record, I am not American and have never visited there. I am Australian.
“>I will note here that I am one of 2 witnesses to the end days fulfilment of Jeremiah 51:59-63 Jeremiah commands Seraiah to read the scroll containing all the prophecies against Babylon, bind it to a millstone and cast it into the Great River. This took place January 5, 2015. If you read the Jeremiah prophecies they finish by saying that Babylon “will sink and not rise from the evil I will bring upon her”vs 64.

May God bless you and bring you the peace that passes all understanding in the coming days.

Alison Pound

PS – I would just like to add here that I am a witness that Alison Pound had this revelation on March 17th 2018 because she sent me a email concerning it shortly thereafter. At the time she was not prompted to share this revealation but has been told that now it should be made known.

Be Prepared the Time is at Hand! – Jeff Byerly


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