GOD’s Word for Today Part two – Anonymous

GOD’s Word for Today Part two

October 1, 2023 5:31 PM

“Not one of you calls out for justice or pleads for truth; instead you trust in vanity and speak lies; you concieve mischief and bring forth iniquity. Your works are works of iniquity, your feet run to evil and you make haste to shed innocent blood. You have forgotten the way of peace and your crooked paths are stained with the blood of the innocent who you have slain! How long did you think I would wait and how far did you think I would let you go before I would act?”

“I have even more of your iniquities to show you so that you know that I am GOD and it is MY WRATH that is about to fall on you!” Saith the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY.

“Do not be confused, it is not global warming but it is MY WRATH you see in the weather and the earthquakes. I am still in control and the shaking is from MY HAND not man’s.”

“If you had not turned away from MY Son’s teaching of THE LEAST OF THESE and instead had dealt thy bread to the hungry and clothed and sheltered the poor and needy as you were instructed, you would have had a covering and you would not have seen MY WRATH!” (New York see’s it as we read this.)

“But worse than all else you have turned away from ‘MY SABBATH’, ‘MY HOLY DAY’, and now do your pleasure on ‘MY SPECIAL DAY’! You no longer observe MY DAY OF REST and wonder why you are sickly and dying! No longer a delight, no longer honorable, no longer a day to honor ME, MY SABBATH is now ‘your day to play’! Shame, shame, and more shame!”

“Your shame will come when you stand before ME! Repent and return to me now!” Saith the LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. (These words spoken by GOD recorded in HIS book are now more relevant than ever.)
He goes on to warn us all, “Your iniquities have separated between us and our GOD and our sins have hidden HIS face from us that HE will no longer hear our prayers!”

FATHER GOD, please, please forgive us our tresspasses, Hallowed be THY name and THY SABBATH. Please cause YOUR voice to be heard once again in this nation and this world. Please cause YOUR children to see the error of our ways and end our back sliding with repentance
and restoration. Please cause an explosion of growth in the remnant to exceed and excel in YOUR will. Let us become the children of our Holy GOD that you intended for us to be. Let us put away the toys and distractions of this world and become followers of YOUR Son and His teachings! FATHER, I am ashamed of what has become ‘normal’ and accepted in these last days and I will never give up trying to cause repentance and restoration to find its way to a fallen, blind and deaf nation that once knew the ‘Right Way’.
In Jesus name I pray




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