GOD’S WOES – Olasubomi Williams

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October 19, 2023 4:39 AM
Olasubomi Williams

Message:As the lord leads. Read the book of Jeremiah and Ezekiel before reading this message.

Words of the lord Jesus Christ
Woe, woe to the inhabitants of the earth, for great judgement is upon your land. Woe to those who scoff and laugh at my words, for theirs is the kingdom of darkness. Woe to the evil ones who caused great evil and cause men, their brothers and sisters to stumble and fall, for they shall be cast into lake of fire that burns for all eternity. Woe to those who receives the mark of the beast, for they shall drink the full measures of Yah’s wrath and shall burn in the lake of fire for all eternity. They shall have no rest, there will be no place for them in heaven or on earth for their life shall be in the fire that shall never be quenched for all eternity. Woe to those who persecute and slay my sheeps, for they shall be slain with a sword. Woe to those who cause chaos, delirium and destruction, for , they shall give account of their misdeeds in judgement. Woe to those who enslave the minds of their brothers and sisters, for they shall be enslaved. Woe to those who cause great harm to their brothers and sisters; who destroy the farmlands of their brothers crops, kills their children and turn their brothers wife into widows, for they shall be judged severely. They shall eat the fruits which they have sown. If they plant seeds in the earth, it will not grow, but die and remain in the earth. If they preserve livestock, they shall be stolen, they shall receive the measures of the pain they have inflicted in numerous measures. Their sons shall become vagabonds, their daughters, whores and they shall be slain with the sword and I will curse their generation up to the sixth and seventh generation. They shall rue the day they cause their brethren so much pain and they will know that I, YAH YAHUAH Elohim, am their God and no one else. Woe to those who impoverish their neighbours, for they shall be impoverished. Woe to the businesses and organizations that profits massively off their starving workers, for they shall be brought under and everything they do will be brought to naught. Woe to those who practices lawlessness, for you shall be inflicted with incurable diseases that no modern medicine can cure. Woe to pharmakia aka Big pharma who poison their neighbours and brothers and sisters with poison ingredients. For they shall be poisoned in spirit and their land shall be rendered infertile. They will be rendered useless and many of their inventions will be destroyed by fire. Woe to Babylon the great, for she practice all manner of lawlessness before me. I will strip her naked and shall clip her wings and will hand her over to the bear and the dragon, who will split her into pieces. Woe to those who are reprobates, for you shall burn in everlasting torment and shall be inflicted with incurable wounds.
Woe to the children who practices lawlessness and disobey the commandments of your father and mother to go your own way. You shall have swift judgement and my wings of protection shall be away from you. Woe to those who cause discord in the family; women and men who destroy the families of your brothers and sisters to covert your neighbour’s wifes and husbands. Woe to women who do not submit to their husbands, for you have left your spouse for another lover. Hence, the lord shall destroy the world of your hands and you shall be an example to those who wish to do the same. You shall be a stench to any man who comes after you. You will be a repulsion and an abomination to others. Men shall see you and run and you shall be alone. Your children will have no love for you and you shall be despised not just by your children, but by everyone who lays their eyes on you.
Woe to the law makers, who enact laws to silence my sheeps, my people, who enact laws that destroy the freedom of my children. Your punishment will be severe, and you will see your works destroyed before you. Your offsprings shall be hunted down and you shall see the works of your hands go to waste. Your wickedness will be accounted for and you shall drink the full cup of my wrath. Woe to the kings of the earth who causes much chaos and destruction from behind the veil, who line my children unlike lambs to the slaughter, who sacrifice to the idols of the wicked ones, who collaborates with the wicked ones to destroy my sheeps, my children, for yours is the lake of fire. You will be hunted, killed, tortured and destroyed by the masters whom you serve.
These are my woes, I have laid it in this vessel to prepare this for the times to come. Read the book of Deuteronomy, proverbs, Jeremiah, Isaiah, Ezekiel, Malachi, Micah, Matthew, John, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude and revelations for more of these warnings. It will do you well to listen to them my children. These woes are not for my true elect ones, my set apart ones who walk with me in spirit and in truth. They are not appointed to my judgements. Be ye holy, for I the lord your God is holy. I love you all, YAHUAH, God the father, in collaboration with God the son, Yahusha ha masheach.

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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