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God’s Warning to Get Out of the East Coast of America! – Dr. Patricia Green


God’s Warning to Get Out of the East Coast of America!

October 12, 2021 10:53 PM
Dr. Patricia Green

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2008, before the election.

1. BO will be presentment
2. He will promote Homosexualism and Abortion.
3. He is two forked tongue devil.
4. The Lord says-My hand of judgment will come to your nation in the term of his presidency

April 17, 2013

1. Wave-from the Atlantic ocean up to the Appalachian Mountains

April 27, 2013

1. Massive wave taller than the buildings crash to the buildings.

April 30, 2013

1. Mighty wave to crash on the shore lines-100 feet tall. This wave will hit the east costs, warn the people to get out, this mighty wave will devastate coastal cities and will wash inland for many miles.

A. Florida will be decimated
B. Washington DC will be under water
C. New York harbor will flood the city
D. In North Carolina, the water will come up to the mountains, The water will not go beyond the Appalachian Mountains.

There are those who will not believe what you are saying, these are those who perish in the waves.

2. Millions of people will loose their lives. Nothing of this magnitude will happen unless I speak it through my prophets. I have shown this tsunami to many of my prophets and they are also reporting. It will happen.
Amos 3:7
The Lord does nothing unless He reveals His secrets to His servants the prophets.

3. The United States of America is about to swing to a new season

A. First, it will be a prosperous time but it will be short lived
B. Next, there will be a season of devastation from all direction
c. The first devastation will hit, when she is reeling from that one, the second will be on its heels. It will, like it will not get any worse, but it will.
D. This crippling devastation will bring your nation to her knees.
E. She will realize she is not the powerful nation that she was.

4. Look to the sky, there will be the first devastation

5. Look to the seas and you see the next devastation

6. Look to the earth you will see the third devastation I the Lord of the heavens, the earth and beneath the earth have spoken!
National distress of America

7. During this time of tribulation there will be a time of national distress.

8. All this things will occur in the final years before I return.++++C 07/29/2015

9. Dams will be breaking flooding the people bellow. Specifically Hoover dam will be the one which breaks

10. Power supply will be cut to major cities and it will plunge people into darkness

11. A vision of a huge ash cloud little pieces of debris falling to the earth. Can be volcanic ash or debry nuclear bomb.

12. Buildings will be collapsing and falling into water. This causes waves that connect the Iseland to the mainland will collapse and people will be stranded on the island

13. Deep fishers on the earth surface as a result of great earthquake.

14. Many people will be dying because medicines will be scares.

15. I saw many People being killed with guns and marshal law is going to replace the civil law of the land. Suspension of civil rights, will be replaced with military authority. Curfews, road blocks and check points to maintain control. BO has signed the marshal law in December

16. The US will fall because of her wickedness. He said, “I raise nations up and I take nations down according to my will. I bless nations that fall on my command and curse the nations that disobey my commands” “All that happen to your nation will be the result of your nations sin.

17. As a nation you have claimed for rights. People say right or freedom, while in fact it is bondage

18. He said “Homosexuality is not a civil right, it is a bondage that destroys the covenant of marriage I have established”.

19. He said abortion is bondage that came from taking the life of innocent child, sin is bondage and all sin is abhorrent to me, says the Lord.

20. The Lord says, The United States of America is a warp, I gave her birth to be an Allie of Israel. The US will decrease and Israel will increase in the end. At the end of the ages, there will be no greater nation than Israel.

21. I will cause events to happen, says the Lord, that diminish the power and influence of the United Stats of America. He says, people will say this can’t happen but indeed it will happen because I have spoken.

22. He says, nations that has great power in the past no longer exist because I declare their demise.

23. He says, my child you will declare these things and people will scoffers at you and will say you haven’t heard from me but indeed it will happen because I have spoken and truly I say unto you these things will happen before I return. He says don’t fear to speak my truth. I am all powerful. I can wipe out a nation with my breath. With my voice, I can flatten mountains, move islands, create floods, quakes and create storms? Man is fragile compared to my great power and my outstretched hands.

24. As children of the most high, He says, I will protect, provide and possess my chosen and holly people.

25. I want you to know, He says, no matter what I showed you about these end times, you are at the palms of my hand. Don’t fear or worry just know that I AM with you, I will bless you and your family

26. During this horrible times, the Lord says, many will be saved. He says the fear of the end near will cause people to seek out Christians for truth. Just know that all must precede as the holly scripture has stated.

27. The Lord says, The sward will be the nuclear war.

28. The famine will result from the drought when I withhold the rains

29. The pestilence will be a new strain of disease that are not known and there will be no cure that will kill people like the black plague.

30. He says, the war(WWII) will last for five years and the famine will follow quickly and my children will need wisdom to survive this tribulation.

31. Food will be scares, my children will be prepared for the famine. I am instructing my children to begin to fill out their storehouse before the famine strikes just as I have instructed Joseph while he was in Egypt. He says, it will be wise to store provisions.

32. The landscape of America is about to change. There will be many signs I perform as a warning for your nation.

33. He says, the water ways will become poisonous, the heavens will begin to tremble, the stars will loose their brilliance, your sun will start to emit flashes of radiation, weather patterns will change, My hand is on the weather, this things will not happen by chance, I will cause them to happen with my outstretch. Most meteorologists will have an explanation about the weather phenomena but this time it will defy all human reasoning.

34. He says, until people come to the realization that I am Yahweh, I AM IN CONTROL, they will be confused about the weather events that will occur in this earth.

35. He says, in the central plains there will be great hurricane that will damp great amount of rain

36. He says, the Appalachian Mountains will be the furthest point in the east before the Mississippi river expands it boundaries

37. He says, the ocean swill come as far as the Rockies in some areas in the west cost

38. The grand canyon will begin to fill with water

39. The great lakes will combine to form one large body

40. The geological plats will shift

July 2014
41. War is coming to America

42. There is wickedness in the high places both in the spiritual and natural realm.

43. They are plotting behind the scene to take America down.

44. Important information is given to the Russian government regarding the United States and the Russia will use this information to attack the infrastructure of your nation. He says, many will her this information but will ignore it thinking it will never happen to their beloved nation.

45. He says, there is wickedness in the government, banking and independent companies who line their pockets with gold at the expense of your people

46. He says, truth has been suppressed, your country has became a nation of lies,

47. Darkness is about to overcome your nation(America), a deep darkness will cover the people because they love the lies not the truth

48. All is not lost, don’t disrepair my children for out of the darkness comes my glorious light

49. The Lord says, tell the people hell is expanding, he says this saddens my hearty. I never created hell for mankind. Those in disobedience to their creator will be eternally damned.

50. The landscape of America is about to change but I will establish a city of refuge for the ones who know me intimately. This cities will be a place of protection under my wing of protection. Call me and I will show you and guide you to the city of refuge in these perilous times. He says stay close to me and I will instruct you.

51. The Lord says, don’t fear my little children, I am with you and I will never leave you or forsake you.


Warp -a mental twist, bias, or quirk, or a biased or twisted attitude or judgment.


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