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God’s Response was “Asteroid Coming” – Teresa Graham

God’s Response was “Asteroid Coming”

November 11, 2020 7:47 PM
Teresa Graham

Before going to bed on 10/31/20, I prayed and asked Father if he would let me know what is soon coming?

While asleep (early in the morning on 11/1/20) I heard very clearly:


and then a short pause, followed by:

“Asteroid Coming”

Hearing this woke me up.
I felt I should get up and write down what I heard, and I also felt that I should take note, and listen to what pops up on YouTube.

So, at 5:37 am I got up to write down what I heard the Holy Spirit say to me while asleep. While writing what I heard, I clearly recalled pastor Coverstone’ s dream about a finger underlining November, 2020 on the calendar and then punching it with his fist, so hard the numbers on the calendar exploded off of the page! I am not certain as to how Pastor Coverstone’ s dream, regarding the November 2020 calendar, is related to what God spoke to me?

The 1st video to display on YouTube was from Sister Barbara. Her video was titled: “KEEP YOUR LOVED ONES CLOSE TO YOU NOW, THE DESTROYERS HAND COMES ONCE MORE”

This was a confirmation to me that what I heard was from God. I understand that one of the many names for the asteroid that will soon come to the earth
(God’s Judgement: The Day of the Lord), is the DESTROYER.


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