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God’s Preparation Plan For His Children – Rod Durham

Rod Durham

November, 2, 2018.

God’s Preparation Plan For His Children
Great judgments are coming for the wicked, but do not fear them, My, beloved, children. I am your good Father, and I will take good care of you through them. I will be with you in these times, and I will walk with you every step of the way, through them. Always, trust in Me, My children, because it is impossible, for Me, to ever fail you. I am a good, Father, who never fails His children. Your future, looks like destruction for the wicked, and more of My supernatural Help for you, to be able to, peacefully, and joyfully, handle it, if you choose to believe, in My help for you, to handle it. Like I was with Moses, or Noah, My children, so will I be with you, in My judgment times coming for the wicked. I am trying to teach you to be like a happy Noah, as you seek Me, to help you to prepare, for My judgments coming for the wicked, now. I want to fill you with a joy, and a peace, from Me, that cannot be taken away from you. I want to make you content, in whatever circumstance you are in. I can help you to rejoice in Me always, if you want Me too. You are going into times, of great tribulation for the wicked, under My judgment, but be of good cheer, because there is nothing to difficult for Me to do for you through it. You can always trust in Me with you, to be able to easily help you through, whatever I am allowing you to go through, for My glory, and for your good. The greater your sufferings, and the greater your obedience to Me through them, the greater will be My rewards, and My career for you, in My Kingdom of Heaven, still yet to come for you. I have created you, for such a time as this, and I am fully able, to take good care of you, through this. If you choose to, always, trust in Me, through this, then your mind, will experience, My, perfect, peace, through this, and you will not have any fear, through this. The best way for you to prepare for My tribulation for the wicked, times, coming, is to seek to develop a good, obedient to Me, faith filled, relationship with Me, now. I am trying to teach you how to stop trying to trust in yourself, anymore, and how to start trying to trust in Me, now, instead, for your good. Seek to do things like, Bible study, prayer, and loving acts towards others, etc., as I lead you too, to help to strengthen your faith in Me, and your obedience to Me, now. I purposely allow you to enter into difficult, faith, trial, experiences, to try to test your faith in Me, and to try to help your faith in Me to grow stronger through them. I Am trying to help you to build a greater faith in Me now, so that I will be able to give you, My greater, miraculous, help for you, later. If you are willing to allow Me to do this for you now, then you will become prepared, and be able to successfully deal, with the more difficult days, which are coming, ahead for you. Like I sought to prepare Noah, for My judgment flood, or Jesus, for My judgment cross, so do I want to try to prepare you, for My judgment for the wicked, times, coming, in your future, now, also. If you want Me to do this for you now, I will, and if you don’t want Me to do this for you now, I won’t. You have to want Me to prepare you, for My increasing, judgment upon the wicked, times, coming, now, or you will not be prepared for them, when they start to come into your life, later. Let Me search your heart, for any doubt in Me, or disobedience to Me, and allow Me to help you to repent of it now, so that you will be prepared, when, My good, loving, righteous, judgments, for the wicked, start to increase, in your future, later. I want you to learn to let My Son Jesus live in, and through you. I want you to believe that you can do My will for you to do, with Jesus’ ability in you, helping you to do it. Choose to love, like I love. Love your enemies, and trust in Me, to perfectly punish them back for you, when they sin against you, if they don’t seek My forgiveness for doing it. Trust in Me to protect you from your enemies, when I am wanting too, and to help you to heal, from the harm, which I allow them to do to you, for My good purposes, for you. Believe that I can work out, all of the sufferings, that I allow you to go through, here on Earth, out for your good. Like I was with Joseph, Daniel, and Paul, through hard times, like persecution, slavery, and prison, so will I be with you, in My, hard, times, coming, for you. You need to think of Me as a 1000 times more tougher, than your tough times. You need to think, that I am always with you. You need to think, that I can give you whatever you need, whenever you need it. You need to think, that I can easily, destroy all of your enemies, if I choose too. You need to think that I can, easily help you to solve all of your problems, at My right time for them to be solved. You need to think of your sufferings, as something, that I am trying to produce good out of, for you, and not as something, which I am trying to produce harm out of, for you. I am trying to produce a great suffering love for Me through your sufferings, now, which I can greatly reward you for, in My Heaven, forever, later. I am trying to toughen up My Bride now, for the tougher times coming for Her, in Her future, later. Do not fear dying for Me, for I am fully able to perfectly comfort you, and help you, through, whatever suffering experiences, I am choosing to allow you to go through. Let Me teach you, how to, always, trust in Me, now. Let Me teach you, how to always, rejoice in Me, now. Let Me teach you, how to always, love Me, now. And then, we can have a have a good, loving, relationship, together. Both, here on Earth now, and in My, Heavenly, Kingdom, forever, when you die.
This is what I am trying to say to you, My beloved children. Your, perfect, Father, in Heaven.

Rod Durham.

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