God’s Glory – Terry Crockett

God’s Glory

September 27, 2022 4:02 PM
Terry Crockett

We must not be afraid of what’s coming for terror and Glory will be side by side!


TRUTH and LIGHT governs the Holy in the Lord. For the house of the Righteous is founded upon Holy Elements of armor bearing My Cross and Atonement. A man will stand secure and not be shaken when the winds of adversity batter against his house. He will persist, speaking in the face of Goliath, casting down the enemies lies and forbidding his rule to master him.

As the man of God speaks, Holy vibrations will be as a shield resisting all matter of death and destruction. “Shake O’ kingdom of darkness, be destroyed, fall and break apart at the power of HIs Might! The meager elements of your strength will not be able to withstand the Presence of Jehovah the King!”

For a Kingdom of Worth shall rise under the man of God’s feet like a midst in the morning filled with kinetic energy of His Presence.

O mighty man of God, clothed with the Spirit of Christ, invincible, commanding the spirits of the deep, depriving their place to reign. For I see a Kingdom clothed in power and arrayed in the radiance of their King, as giants rise in this hour of destiny. God men, women and even children crossing over, leaving their dead bodies of ‘self’ and arising in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ their King. A Holy baptism of the Spirit’s fire consuming men and yet not burned. Their very hair on fire signifying Holy callings, baptized and equipped with evidence God is with them.

These things I tell you, announce to all those who will hear.

There must be maximum impact of the reality —“Our God Reigns!” You have not entered in Glory Days past but into a new era of Divine Glory with the Presence of God Himself! Nothing remains as it was, for you have passed INTO the Glory of Christ! Yesterday’s Glory was sufficient for that time but the Glory your entering is magnificent, unequaled to anything you heard or seen before.

Earth quivers at the thought, when the Devine of His presence touches Holy ground. The mere weight of His Being, scatters darkness. The Creator of Heaven and Earth penetrates the essence of the created with such energy splitting and fracturing atoms with His Light. Holy vibrations piercing and breaking free restrictions that have altered and restrained His will from being accomplished.

A Holy sound of chains be released announcing “Freedom Reigns” upon those held captive by their adversities. Holy vibrations shake the ground— as boots of Righteous men declare “Freedom” to the captive. I hear chains braking off cells, releasing prisoners judged evil by ungodly men. I see Angels visiting the lost and forgotten, unlocking gates with Holy keys.

The sound of Holy vibrations resurrecting dead men out of their graves and the Earth shaking as Angels pass through the dominion of Heaven manifesting before families instructing the “Way of Righteousness”. Angelic Warriors surrounding pastors called to the front line assigned and instructed to clear the path making way for Holy men to speak God’s Anointed Word. Elijah men unafraid, armed in Holy TRUTH presenting evidences of the God who is speaking in the presences of kingdom of devils. Not allowing them to speak but binding their power, refusing their place to reign!

The common man will fear to tread Goliath’s roar, frightening the unprepared. But My God men will be filled with My Spirit and trample over the head of their enemies!

TRUTH will be the food of giants who live out of the fullness of the Christ Devine. I tell you faith giants are arising empowered with Holy vibrations of God Himself prophesying the downfall of the ‘unholy’.

Extreme are the days of God’s Glory and every man must be ready with TRUTH from My Word implanted in their heart in abundance and emerged in the power of My Spirit and Grace.



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