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God’s “Gifted Weeds”— Kudzu and Japanese Knotweed

March 1, 2021 1:13 PM

August 15, 2020

One day recently I received the single word rhema, “Kudzu.” I thought it was strange that the Holy Spirit would give me the name of an invasive weed. The fast-growing Kudzu vine is despised by landowners and farmers. A bane of the American Southeast, its very presence can lower a property’s value. Yet the Holy Spirit wanted me to take a serious look at this weed for its importance to God’s people in this time of the pandemics.

I use the plural “pandemics” because the Holy Spirit has shown me in many dream visions that we will face several plagues. Soon will come the plague of hemorrhagic fever that will resemble the Ebola, Dengue Fever and Marburg viruses. Following the Holy Spirit’s prompting, I decided to explore a possible connection between Kudzu root—its botanical name Pueria lobata—and hemorrhagic fevers, Ebola specifically. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a key relationship: both the hated weed Kudzu and the similarly invasive pest the Japanese Knotweed—Polygonum cuspidatum, can protect endothelial cell integrity by bringing relief from the cytokine storm reaction provoked by the viruses of hemorrhagic fever.

God the Father is the true Author of all medicine, and His Son Jesus is the Great Physician. Give thanks to God, who created the “gifts” of both Kudzu and Japanese Knotweed for many purposes, including that of medicine. The weeds we detest in our backyard, free of patent and available without prescription, can prove invaluable to our health.

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