GOD’s Final Warning To America – Gene B. Moody

Gene B. Moody

GOD’s Final Warning To America

America has a threefold confrontation with GOD: abortion, homosexuality and Israel. The year 1963 literally became the year of separation between GOD’s BLESSINGS and GOD’s JUDGMENT which fell on America. The country was destabilized by banning prayer and BIBLE reading in the public schools, and legalizing the killing of innocent children in the womb. The foundations of America have been destroyed.

As a nation, America has rejected GOD and become an enemy of GOD. America is rushing headlong into national suicide and confrontation with GOD. America is literally being turned into hell on earth, as THE BIBLE predicts would happen to all nations that reject GOD. America is on a course of total national destruction and is getting what it deserves.

The explosion in America of pornography, lewd movies, fornication, adultery, divorce and homosexuality are all clear signs that the nation has become reprobate before GOD. This is the end result of rejecting GOD, living lies and the ensuing reprobate mind. America as a nation is a long way down the road to developing a reprobate, national consensus.

GOD deals with man in absolutes, and the breaking of GOD’s LAWS is called sin. Sin brings with it physical death to those who practice it. It will literally bring death to all institutions and then death to the nation. GOD literally hates the shedding of innocent blood. The unrepentant sin of America demands that He must judge. GOD has begun to confront the open and bold sin of America. If America continues on this course of boldly proclaiming sin, awesome judgment is coming to the point where the country will be destroyed. Sexual sins include fornication, adultery, homosexuality, fetishism, pedophilia, sadism, voyeurism, bestiality, perversion, immorality and child sacrifice.

It is like the spiritual and physical realms are somehow tied together. The breaking of GOD’s moral laws are clearly effecting the physical laws. The removal of GOD’s Word has brought disease, death and destruction.

The power structures of society have been taken over by those that favor abortion. The current crime rate virtually parallels the abortion rate. It seems that for each aborted baby, one American falls victim to a violent crime. Every woman who had an abortion before 18 and had a family history of breast cancer developed the cancer by the age of 45. The reproductive system goes haywire. Aborting a child is a catastrophic event to her reproductive system. Slogans are pro-choice, it’s my body, it’s just a fetus, reproductive freedom and civil rights-gay rights. It seems that a murdering spirit has been turned loose in America.

Violence and early death are clearly linked with the homosexual lifestyle. Boldness to promote homosexuality, even to children, is accelerating.

Abortion and sexual immorality, the two issues which are dear to so many Americans, actually lead to physical death. The abortion and homosexual lifestyles are lifestyles of death, destruction and untold misery. The shedding of the blood of innocent children in the womb and open homosexuality has brought the wrath of GOD on the nation. GOD’s attitude toward sexual sin and child killing is the same today as it was in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. The Democratic Party has taken a pro-abortion position and is pushing for legalizing homosexuality through civil rights-type legislation. These disasters usually hit the very day or within a day or two of abortion or homosexual-related events.

America can expect an economic meltdown that might reduce the nation to a third world status. The stock market downturns all coinciding with these events gives a powerful picture of what the future holds for the economy. Americans have made an idol out of money and the stock market. At some point, this huge debt bubble will collapse. America went from being the greatest creditor to the greatest debtor nation.

America is pressuring Israel to give away GOD’s covenant land. GOD’s Word says that those that bless Abraham and his descendants will be blessed, and those that curse them will be cursed.

Dramatic headlines: worst flooding, stock market crash, tornadoes, forest fires, ice storm, drought, rioting and terrorist attacks. Most destructive hurricane, powerful earthquake, coldest winter and severe recession. Included are mud slides, hurricanes, floods, droughts, blizzards, freezes, homeless, businesses destroyed, mass murders, serial killings and violent crime.

It is crystal clear that powerful earthquakes, the type which level cities and devastate entire regions of the country, can be expected. Powerful hurricanes and tornadoes will destroy entire cities.

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