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God Will Multiply – Incognito
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By Anneka

God Will Multiply

January 14, 2021 9:55 AM

The word was given to me in French and English .

Word given the night of January 14th, 2021

While I was praying this night , I heard

« La meilleure manière de faire est de pray en amont de ce qui va manquer, Dieu multipliera. Parce que vous allez manquer. »

which translate to

« The best way to proceed is to pray upstream/above/before/beforehand/ahead of what is going to be lacking, God will multiply. Because you are going to lack . »

I believe it means that before something (I believe it relates to food and water ) runs out pray over it and God will multiply.

I tried my best to relate this message as accurate as possible to what I believe the Holy Spirit spoke to me. As always take it to the Lord for confirmation.


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