God showed me how to save marriages! – Rachel Ewe

God showed me how to save marriages!

Oct 22, 2019, 11:11 AM
Rachel Ewe


October 20, 2019

I dreamed that I discerned there was a wall between my husband and I. Our marriage was pretty much over. He had wrote down 2 things he hated about me. #1 said “stalky” and #2 said “moody”. Im not really stalky or moody so in the dream I said “Im not stalky or moody but I am bossy” And I have been since I was a kid. Its funny because when I told him this part of the dream in the morning he looked up to heaven and said AMEN haha.

In the dream I was like “well Im gonna write two things I dont like about you” #1 said “passivity and #2 said “anger”. The number 2 is the # symbol which means unity or division. Then in the dream I was sitting down, praying and rebuking the enemy from destroying my marriage.

I woke up knowing that the heart issues we have individually, satan can use against us to destroy us. This is a powerful revelation which can save a lot of marriages and any relationship really. If we are open to examining our hearts and willing to acknowledge what is really in there and pray God changes that part of us instead of believing that part is just the person you are and maybe you married the wrong person, then satan doesnt win. He cant use you to destroy your marriage and he cant steal your blessings if you look at your heart honestly.

If we are ignorant of the secrets in our heart then its to our own destruction. We can stay in ignorance and allow the enemy to use those heart issues to divide or we can be knowledgeable and use it to UNITE. This goes for every type of relationship in your life, weather it be a neighbur, a coworker, a parent etc. the longer you live in deception the more satan destroys. We have to be willing to examine the secret places of our hearts and have the knowledge of the purpose God created us for. This is why God says His people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.It is time for blind eyes to see and it is time for deceived hearts to understand.

Stop letting the enemy rob you and stop letting him destroy your life. Rise up and stand in the authority of Jesus Christ and Know who God created you to be. A bright,shining armed soldier. No more lies, no more deceptions, and no more divorces! You can allow the enemy to use your heart issues to divide or you can allow God to use those heart issues to unite. The choice is yours.


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