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God Plans To Exuberate His Deep Love For You

November 3, 2019
Krissy Miller

I believe God blessed me with this message for all who will recieve it.

Do you truly believe that this life in which you are currently living is all of what I have created you for? A life full of trials and tribulations,pain and suffering, hunger and thirst,poverty and lack,sorrow and shame,all encompassed within life and death?

I am the one and only living God who is the creator of all life,who created you.I chose to create you in my very own image which is love.I cherrish you so much more than you could possibly imagine.The life in which you are currently living in is only but a vapor compared to your eternal life in which you are about to begin.Can you imagine never again having to endure the excruciating deep hurt in your mind and heart of having a precious loved one of yours die? Can you imagine never again having to endure the insecurity and worry with the thoughts of you yourself having to die somehow, someway, sometime? At the exact moment your eternal life begins, death will not be allowed to even exist. I created you for a purpose.I created you for the enjoyment of my heart. I desire for you to live forever encompassed with the vast depths of my love while your heart lavishes pure love upon me for the pleasure of us both.I am thrilled just thinking about the ways in which I plan to exuberate my deep love for you.

Prepare to be amazed at how much love and joy will saturate your soul at all times.There will not be a single moment without my love and joy.I am excited to reveal to you your real and eternal life.I will see you soon!


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    PSALM 139, 1 JOHN 4:18, 3 JOHN 2, JOHN 3:16, 5, 14, 16


    Hallelujah Lord

  3. Johnny W

    Dear Krissy
    May I be BOLD as to sign this word you were given, “Love, Jesus Christ Yashua.

  4. Number ONE and only God……Make it so……..according to thy Will.

  5. Jeffrey Scott Le Roy

    Jesus is love !

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