God Is Not Mocked – McKana


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  1. Toyah Bell


  2. Lucian Lorenz

    I saw that too. I briefly went on the live stream and then saw this poster immediately. I couldn’t believe my eyes what was on the poster. at first i wasn’t sure if that was really there, so i tried another stream to maybe get a better perspective and then i saw clearly that it really said “JUDGMENT FREE”. However, my interpretation was different. However, I also did not see how the poster was upside down later. I also don’t think it was a coincidence that the livestream was suggested to me and my attention was drawn directly to this poster. It also had 11,646 spectators and several times after that I saw the 11th. This year alone I have already seen certain 11 over 20x and 1-2x also 1.11 and immediately I thought: “January 11th?” Several words that were given say that a mega earthquake is coming in at the beginning 2020 or another that comes from Bryon Searl and overrides some others that a “Big bang” is coming in early 2020. This “Big Bang” could be this mega earthquake because it also overrides visions that I had last winter. There was a mega “apocalyptic” earthquake in a winter, where skyscrapers fell apart, the houses of cards and the sky was blood red, as well as the one in Australia right now. I (exaclty like that Red Sky there). I also have a kind of dark ash cloud that was rapidly moving towards us seen and how I and others panicked because you weren’t prepared for it at all and I actually died in the vision. I thought the moment I was really dying. I think that was a warning from god for me which is why I have prepared as much as possible in the last year.

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