God Is Helping Our Loved Ones and Us – Krissy Miller

God Is Helping Our Loved Ones and Us

Oct 4, 2019, 1:22 AM
Krissy Miller


I believe that our Creator Father God Almighty gave me the following words to share on Friday October 4,2019:

Your heart cries out to me on behalf of your family and friends,…. your loved ones.Your mind and heart are continuously being pierced with wretched pain that torments your soul.You are over-taken with horrific nightmare thoughts, pictures and visions of what your loved ones might have to endure if they are not counted worthy by me to be rescued from this satan run world.The darkest of days are about to be fully unleashed upon the earth for mankind to experience. You know that I am sending my beloved Son Jesus Christ to bring His Bride home to Heaven where she will be safe.Why,oh why Father God,… Why are my loved ones still asleep,still astray,still lost? Why,oh why Father God,… Why have you forsaken me of what my pain stricken heart desperately cries out to you for?
I love everyone.I love you.I love every person and animal who is uniquely woven into the depths of your heart. As a matter of fact,I am the one who delicately placed them inside of your heart.I know and love you and your loved ones more than you could possibly imagine.Pause the thoughts which are rapidly racing through your mind right now.Put to a hault your feeble feelings which are filled with fear and doubt.I need for you to actually realize that it truly is I who has created you and your dear loved ones. It is I who intricately formed each and every one of you in your mother’s divine womb.I created you all in my own image which is love.I love you and I love them.Why would I have created someone in my very own image if I didn’t desire for him or her to live with me for all of eternity? My heart longs to be eternally united,intertwined as one with my creation,with the love of my life,my loved ones? I am in complete control. You are to never think and believe otherwise.I know all things.I know what must happen and what must not happen in order for my plans to workout.I am always working on and in hearts.Hearts are extremely precious and valuable to me.After-all,the heart is all that is and ever will be allowed into my home,Heaven. Regardless of what you do or do not hear,see,feel,think,believe,trust, …..
I hearing and answering your cries to me on behalf of your loved ones and your animals.These are my loved ones and my animals as well.My heart desires to be with them for all of eternity too! Know that I am helping and loving each of your loved ones and you.Know that I know what each person,each individual heart needs in order to be drawn to my Son Jesus and to be considered worthy by me to be granted eternal life.Trust me! I need for you to try to leave your loved one’s eternal security in the hands of their Creator who loves them even more than you.I need for you to love on them in the ways in which I place upon your heart to do.Believe and know that I am who I say I am.All things are possible for those who love me and believe in me. I am!
Your Father


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