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God Is Going To Clean House Once And For All Time – Pollox

God Is Going To Clean House Once And For All Time

April 27, 2021 10:00 AM

April 24-25, 2021

Scriptural Reference: John Ch 10 V 9
“I am at the gate.’ [Jesus told them]. “Those who come in by Me will be saved.”

God Is Going To Clean House Once And For All Time.

Look Out! Here It Comes! The Hands On The Clock Spin Out Of Control. Look Up, Look Down, Look All Around. What Do You See? Confusion, Fear, Famine, Obsession, Strife, Pestilence, Threats Of War & Slavery To The Blessed & Eternal Virus. Now My Hand will proceed, you will vault into The Great Tribulation.

Judgment begins in God’s House. The Catholic Church will be taken down to its foundation. They can not destroy the foundation, because My Son is the Foundation. I AM will rebuild from the ground-up. The other Christian denominations have fallen into the same hole. Few are the men and women who are truly with their God. Most have chosen the world, the flesh, the devil, the NWO, power, money (soon to disappear), fame, whatever the government decides. They will all go to their reward. But remember there is no middle ground, at the end of time, only Heaven or Hell..

The Troubled Times are closing, you have collectively gone to the deep end of the pool. It is now sink or swim. I AM The Only Life-jacket Available. All the other brands are made with lead. The sinking of the liars, thieves, Godless, murderers, occult adepts, perverts,will now intensify, until the earth is rid of all evil and I AM renews the face of the earth, in My New Era Of Peace.

Many will fall down dead.
Many will take the Mark Of The Beast: Vaccine & Tattoo.
Many will worship the man of perdition.
Many will destroy the ties that bind families, friends, loved ones together forever.
Many will regret all eternity that they made the wrong choice, for the Lake of Fire is never quenched and no one ever leaves it once they arrive.

My Children think well on this. I AM has shown many of my prophets, watchmen watchwomen the wealthy, powerful and famous ones of your earth, who are now its inhabitants; many of these servants of satan gave their whole lives to his bidding are now tormented as their reward. Their surprise on crossing the veil is always thunderous.

The responsibility of those in high office, the wealthy and famous, the spiritual leaders, captains of industry and commerce is much greater when they pass into eternity, as most have had their heaven on earth. Remember: “The First Will Be Last And The Last Will Be First.”

The pursuit of wealth will soon disappear, survival will only be considered; food and water will be scarce. These elites have stored up tons of supplies for themselves and cronies. My Justice will snatch it all out of their filthy, murderous mouths and hands. Their Reign of Terror (The French & Russian Revolutions revisited), fear and de-population will not go as planned. I AM in control not satan and his minions!

It is time to look inside yourselves and hear the still small voice of your God for I AM will give you all you need in this world and the next, if you let go of this dying world and look up for My Hand is open and waiting for each and everyone of you sinners or saints, you are all Children of the Living God The Father Almighty, that is if you are still human. For I AM can not save the transformed children of the snake king. Do Not Take The Vaccine Ever!



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