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God Is Cleaning House

January 2, 2021 12:13 AM

Today is 2/01/2021

In a dream this night. I was at a very big church full of thousands of people and I saw the preacher called TD Jakes up on the stage pacing left to right speaking to the crowd. The stage had other people on it at the front performing and TD Jakes was at the back pacing left and right. I noticed some Christians weren’t paying attention, they were gossiping and taking selfies. I studied the physical structure of the church and I saw large parts of it had no roof or covering over it. The structure was made up of scaffolding and it was built on something like an outdoor stadium or football field. So suddenly heavy rain fell and because the church’s physically structure lacked lots of roof covering, the rain came straight in to the congregation. And the people scattered to look for shelter. After the commotion had settled, I noticed only maybe 100 or less people had stayed and found shelter out of the thousands of people that were there.

I believe this dream has a connection to a previous one where the HolySpirit flew back into heaven like a dove and heavy rain started pouring in a wilderness and people ran away seeking shelter.
It probably signals the outpouring of the HolySpirit and at the same time the falling away of believers talked about in the word of God.

As a side note, yesterday in a dream i saw a large congregation of Muslims. And a funeral ceremony was taking place because I saw Muslims surrounding a coffin. A leader in the Islamic community had died. And I don’t know why but I was so keen on asking those next to me where the man called mufti menk was among the leaders that I saw but he was no where to be seen.

God is cleaning house. I hope as the falling away happens by the grace of God we remain.


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