Dream, Three Days of Darkness

Go Behind Closed Doors – Roxanne V

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Go Behind Closed Doors

June 20, 2023 1:19 PM
Roxanne V

2 dreams:


I was in a building where it was kind of like a house party and a lot of people around. It was standing room only and I was telling a couple of girls to get their things together and they were running around crying. I was having a hard time telling neighbors and friends and people weren’t listening or understanding what was going on. I was saying, “The three days of darkness are here get your things together we need to go!”

Then, I started to go up the stairs into the second floor and saw that the whole ceiling was like a skylight and I was looking out to the sky. I was looking at the clouds and seeing what was going on and all of a sudden this big object that like it looked like a sea urchin came into view.
That’s all I could think of how it looked. It was magenta and green and purple and there were dots and dashes around it. It was a big round object and the texture was like a skeleton of a sea urchin on the outside.

When I saw it I said, “This is it!” and my son and I started grabbing kids and getting them to go down to the bottom floor. I said get to your homes get safe! Then we were off to to jump on an electric train that was to take us to a transfer stop juggling to try to get back to our home safely.

The electric train the driver of the vehicle wouldn’t stop and there was a lot of people just talking and laughing and we finally stood up and said, “STOP!” and they stopped and let us off and we turned around and I just didn’t care who we told (telling everyone) and just said the three days of darkness are here get into your homes and be safe. We got off the train and onto the bus safely and went back to our homes.

End of dream 1

The second dream was 5/13/23 – 6am

I was in a school setting, there was lots of kids and families around.

There was one girl that had a lot of extra skin on her and she was short so her skin looked like it should be an adult skin, but it was it was sagging around her body and was hanging at her knees.

I include this part of the dream because I believe the interpretation is that she was still really young in the spirit and was still not ready to have spiritual meat and she should have been ready and she couldn’t take in the information that was coming at her because she wasn’t filling her full potential and her full body her skin was sagging at her knees.

I passed by her and my son was with me and we went inside the building and went upstairs and we were checking sliders and glass windows and going around the entire area making sure things were shut and buttoned up, closed and locked.

We were telling people that we met to seek safety and there was a lot of other little details just going through this period of buttoning up and preparing.

I walked back to outside and by myself I went to a Jeep it was like an old Land Rover, like a safari vehicle, or a vintage style Toyota Land Cruiser or something of that style and it was just me and I went in and I sat in the passenger seat. The driver was a man that I didn’t recognize and he didn’t say anything. I just got in and shut the door and as soon as I shut the door, he took off driving, there was no conversation, we just drove.

All of a sudden he went up on this berm and the vehicle flipped – it flipped twice! So a flip and a flip! I was completely awake in this dream, a lucid
dream and I could feel the gravity pull on my face and the whole
time I knew we were spinning, but I had no fear there was complete peace.

We flipped twice and landed firmly and hard on the ground and just for an instant stayed still there, then took off driving.

End of dream 2.
So, as for the events that are coming, this is the expectation that Jesus is coming and those that are with Him and and believe in Him, He is holding you under His wings you’re completely protected, completely safe and there is no fear! He will give you complete peace!

Make the preparations that you can, tell people that you can, gather your family and explain to them, but know that you are under His wings and He is your refuge and your fortress!

I urge you to go to the description below the video and grab the prep list and watch the other video links posted to other voices talking about the three days of darkness and take all in prayer to our Jesus, Yeshua.

Prepare as you can, make sure that you’re not going to be going outside during this time. Go inside, shut and lock windows and doors and close blinds. When it starts it may feel like heavy smoke. Some have said Aurora Borealis will be in the sky, but don’t wait for it. I I didn’t see that in my dream, I just felt an ominous presence and the urgency in my spirit telling me to seek safety.

Darkness is a heavy presence, oppressive, smokey, are descriptions that came up to me.

Confirmation: The next night, after posting this dream, I had a confirmation of this – I saw a heavy, thick smoke and saw a flash of red in it.

Isaiah 26:20
Isaiah 60:2
Exodus 10:22

Photos courtesy Depositphotos


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