Global Warming! – Benjamin Faircloth

Global Warming! – Benjamin Faircloth

Sunday June 11, 2017

“Global warming is increasing upon the earth, and the source is not the sun but the sin of men! Man, and his heart is unraveling and revealing his true character. A war is raging between his heart and eternity, My will and his. Yet the Church sits idly by in this war, choosing to participate rather than rescue these lost souls!

The hour glass reveals the time reflected and recorded within My Word; for few read it to see the time in which they live. Many refuse to hear the cry of My Watchmen, My Prophets, and My Seers! They are blinded by sin-bound by iniquity, and many will perish in their folly!

The hour draws near says your God, the hour of My Revelation to the earth! I will not be mocked, what has been written will be revealed!”

(The scripture reference for this message is Jeremiah 12)


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