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Global Lockdown / Mark of Beast Dream – Micheal James


Global Lockdown / Mark of Beast Dream

November 2, 2020 8:44 PM
Micheal James

In 27 November 2019

I had a dream that I believe was from the Lord I knew it was prophetic although I didn’t fully understand it until the lockdown happened in March 2020.

In my dream, I was in hiding in the attic of my house in England, with my family from persecution on a global scale.

My arms were open wide whilst in the attic and behind my arms, I could see many Christians in the same position as myself, most people from all over the world we were waiting for further instructions on what to do during this lockdown, most of us were getting very hungry because we were not able to go out and buy food, I kept on saying to my fellow brothers and sisters, do not go outside unless you had instructions from the Lord.

This was a global lockdown and no one was allowed to come outside for no apparent reason at all.

I remember saying do not come out so let us wait even though we are very hungry, let us wait on God. I saw the desperation, and hunger in the people as they were all trapped in the attic of their homes many respected what I had to say and many wanted to come out but was afraid, so as time went by, I and a brother decided to leave the house three of us were leaving the house on going downstairs, I could see a room and a man watching television I said to him, do you not believe the prophecies are coming to pass, why are you taking everything the mainstream media is saying to you as truth, don’t you fear God!

He was ignorant and continued to receive information from the television, fully controlled by the media, he would listen to every propaganda like under a hypnotic spell and he didn’t believe me, so I quickly rushed out to see what was happening to look outside which looked dark and dismal and frightening on taking a few steps outside a global world policeman in a black uniform hiding in the bushes came out grabbed one of my brothers. I stood there watching the police grabbed him immediately and checked his left arm for identification, using a scanner to find out who is this person the police found out that he did not have the mark on his hand and was immediately arrested and detained. I had a feeling I would never see him again; after that, we were very strict about which direction to go because it’s was a matter of life or death to survive.

The dream was so real; previous riots had made the roads unpassable I looked around all I could see was overturned cars there was no way a car could drive down the roads, broken windows of the shops smashed.

I asked the Lord is this the tribulation period, then I can hear God speaking from the heavens to me saying “When you see 9/11 every day know that you’re at the beginning of the tribulation period”.

I recall myself turning right instead of left where the police had arrested my fellow brother.

I shouted we need to hear from God to know which direction to take, and if we were send off course the Military Police would arrest us. Then a few others decided to go ahead of me confidently with a small rucksack.

Then a brother said to me that the Lord is leading him in this direction so I said let’s go but I was hesitant and unsure looking ahead of me I can see my brothers and sisters travelling roughly.

We were now sure we were directed by the Lord because we were so happy, after all, the road immediately transformed, you can tell it was devastated by rioting everything was devastated by riots windows were broken shops were broken cars were turned upside down roads were unpassable.

As we walked on I saw a devastated church building instantly been repainted into white and blue.

The Holy Spirit was very spectacular in directing us to which way to turn as the Holy Spirit was leading the road that was destroyed would change into special life forms of beauty.

I could see a statue were one of the brothers stood on and shouted saying “The Lord says come in this direction.” then I woke up.


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